Christmas Cards Ideas

Best Christmas Cards Ideas 2019:  Congratulate this Christmas to yours by creating your own Christmas cards. We go on really familiar dates, where you remember the people you love most and what better way to congratulate these dates than with some Merry Christmas cards made with a lot of love for yours.

Christmas Cards Ideas 2019

Stay to see these Christmas cards!

1. Cards With Craft Paper

To make these Christmas cards you need a piece of white cardboard cut in 21 x 14’5cm, then cut another piece of craft paper of 19’5 x 13cm and draw Christmas trees of different shapes with a straight lines.

Christmas Cards Ideas

Cut out the silhouettes of the little trees and stick it on the white cardboard leaving some margins. If you want to give it a touch more, you can make a loop with a cotton rope by going several times through the craft paper. To finish, write some lines on the back congratulating the Christmas and do not forget to sign. They will love it!

Merry Christmas Cards 2019

2. Christmas Cards Ideas With Newspaper

This is a very economical and ecological idea at the same time. Take a piece of cardboard that you can reuse from a box and, with an old newspaper, start making strips with your hands, ATTENTION, DO NOT USE SCISSORS!

Christmas Cards Ideas With Newspaper

Christmas Cards Ideas With Newspaper


The grace of this technique is that the edges are imperfect. Then with a little glue stick, paste the pieces creating a Christmas tree and add a colorful and different star-shaped paper at the top.

DIY Handmade Christmas Cards 2019

3. Labels

See how original !? Change the traditional card format and dare with these labels. You can use washi tape or magazine cutouts to create the designs that you like: trees, reindeer, snowmen, anything goes.

Christmas Labels Ideas

To do this, use a bit of cardboard or cardboard and cut it using a label that you have at home. Punch a hole in the top and tie a piece of black thin loop. Then decorate as you like.

Merry Christmas Messages 2019

4. Holly

To make these homemade Christmas cards so cool, create a cardboard template and trace the silhouette on a green card. If you want to give it a little more personality, paint on a white card green spots with watercolors in such a way that different shades remain and then cut them with the shape of the silhouette.

homemade Christmas cards

homemade Christmas cards

Paste them to a card made with white card on the side of the fold and finally write the message that you like. If you want to customize it a little more you can add some golden thread or button as a gift.

Merry Christmas Poems 2019

5. Christmas Scraps of Fabric

Use Christmas scraps of fabric with different patterns and red thread and create the most original cards.

Christmas Scraps of Fabric

Christmas Scraps of Fabric

How? Very easy: cut several pieces of fabric with the same shape, triangles of different sizes to create a small tree and socks. Attach them to the card with the red thread and a sharp needle. What do you think?

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6. Sew Cards With Thread

This idea is my favorite. Grab some red and black thread and a sharp needle and stitch it in a shape. For the horns straight lines of black color, the eyes a black circles and finally the big red nose of Rudolph very large to highlight this card.

Sew Cards With Thread Christmas

Easy and very original!

Merry Christmas Quotes 2019

7. 3D Christmas Arbolitos

Do you like these cool cards? Very easy chic Take a card and fold it in half, then stick a piece of folded green chenille in the shape of a Christmas tree, and then put a star sticker.

3D Christmas Arbolitos

To give the final touch, write Merry Christmas 2019!

Merry Christmas Images 2019

8. Reindeer With Pompom

You can create cool cards by adding small craft materials. Look at these examples from the photos. To make the reindeer card: draw some horns, stick a pair of plastic eyes and a nose with a red pompom.

Reindeer With Pompom

For the other hand draw little birds and paste some red buttons that simulate the body body, add a congratulations and go.

Merry Christmas Postcards 2019

9. Small Pieces of Cardboard

Collect pieces of cardboard of different types and create a collage with them. Look at the example in the photo. Use a bit of glue to make the joints and complements with a bit of string or a button that acts as a star.


10. With Geometric Shapes

Take advantage that it is Christmas to use metallic colors like the ones used on this card. Also if you like geometric patterns, you do not need to leave your tastes, but you can use them to decorate your card.


What do you think of these ideas? Leave us in comments which one is your favorite. Do not let it escape, choose your favorite and recreat it.

Funny Christmas Quotes 2019

The materials you need are very easy to get and you will not spend a lot of money. Congratulate Christmas to yours creatively and if you need more ideas to make DIY Christmas cards , in the link you have more Christmas Cards ideas 2019. ???

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