Top 6 Best Christmas Eve Dinner Ideas 2018

Christmas Eve Dinner: Ideas to make the Christmas Eve dinner a success: Christmas Eve is celebrated on December 24 the eve of Christmas Day. According to the Christian tradition, Christmas Eve is when Jeus was born, and traditionally it is a night where families gather for dinner and exchange gifts. In many countries it’s the night Santa Claus comes. .

The Christmas Eve dinner is one of the most important family parties of the year, whether it is an intimate dinner with a few people or a huge family party, it requires a lot of planning. We tell you some ideas so that the Christmas Eve dinner and party is a great success and everything goes according to plan.

Christmas Eve Dinner

There are many ideas for the Christmas Eve dinner that we have in mind days before. We want our loved ones to enjoy the best Christmas Eve dinner every year, with special recipes, decorated tables, irresistible desserts …

The preparations for the Christmas Eve dinner are essential to get the best result for this special night.

Design the menu for Christmas Eve dinner

The Christmas Eve dinner is the most important dinner of the year . It requires special planning. Do not forget to pay special attention to the following points :

1. The menu

Appetizers, soups or starters, first courses, accompaniments and sweets.

2. The wines

Choose the wine according to the menu Also include non-alcoholic drinks or buy juices and make a juice punch to offer an interesting option to those who do not drink alcohol. And do not forget the drink that should accompany the appetizers and dig for dessert.

3. Decoration of the Christmas table

It is very easy to decorate a table with imagination , and it is a task that teens tend to like. Buy candles for the table, Christmas paper napkins, make a centerpiece with typical Christmas plants…

If you prefer to avoid a lot of work after the party, you may consider using paper plates and cups. There are increasingly more sophisticated designs for people who want to do without the dishwasher for a night.

4. Make a list and buy on time

It is important to make a list and respect it. If you are going to buy at the supermarket and you are allowed to add unforeseen things to the basket, you risk breaking your budget. Make a list with several sections (food, drink, decorations, napkins and tablecloth ….) several days before going to buy. Paste the list on the refrigerator door for a few days, to be able to add things you have forgotten. Share it with the rest of the family so they can remind you of things you have not put.

5. Preparation of dinner

Try to prepare everything you can before Christmas Eve . Many dishes are frozen superbly, and the preparation of food will allow you to go more calmly during the afternoon of preparations. All Christmas sweets and nougat for example can be prepared several days in advance.

Think about how to reduce tasks . For example, if you plan to make a salad, you can use bags of ingredients already washed. Use easy-to-prepare appetizers, cans, the traditional cavier, ham, cheeses, etc.

If you have small children, organize an activity so that they are out of the house throughout the afternoon. Ask one of your guests to take them to see the Christmas lights, the park, your home … If you can concentrate on the preparation of the dinner and the decorations, it will all end sooner.

6. Preparation of the environment

Organize the decoration of the table . This can be done even the night before , if you can do without the dining table during the Christmas Eve. Choose the Christmas music you want to put during dinner and at the party , and prepare a playlist with Christmas music on spotify.

Finish with time

If possible, finish the preparations at least two hours before the arrival of your guests. This will give you time to take a good shower or a long bath, dress with time, relax, help your children etc.

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