Merry Christmas Postcards

The best Christmas postcards for WhatsApp with beautiful images to share also on Facebook, Twitter, Tuenti, Line and Google+. Send the most beautiful Christmas images to all the people you want to send your best wishes of love, peace and prosperity.

Christmas postcards

Christmas Postcards

Easter greetings are a traditional way to congratulate on these dates for which we should only think about what Christmas cards to choose, what Christmas phrase to write or the drawing that comes out depending on the link we have with our relatives.

Christmas Postcards

A nice postcard to wish a Merry Christmas, goodbye end of the year or happy new year, is a gesture to show everyone that we are sharing the best of this Christmas with them, be near or far, we will be giving you to know with these Christmas postcards he is with us and we remember him with a lot of affection. There is a great variety of Christmas postcards for WhatsApp with different messages to choose from, and many drawings with Christmas scenes, so that you can personalize them later. Christmas Postcards

Our best wishes will always come with a beautiful Christmas card that we can send by WhatsApp to receive it immediately, by SMS, by email, by mail or share it by uploading it to the Facebook wall. We can also make Christmas cards ourselves, coloring the Christmas drawings and writing all the positive things we want to transfer to our loved ones. We have no excuse to send any of the beautiful Christmas cards.

Christmas Postcards


Whether you are the one who sends the postcards through email or postal mail, we leave you some images that you can use as Christmas postcards . Discover the most original, beautiful, cheerful and childish Christmas postcards.

Christmas Postcards

Christmas postcards

Many times we want to personalize our Christmas postcards and get something unique, it can be expensive to start a Christmas postcard from 0 so we have looked for some images that you can use as a base and then retouch them to your liking, placing personalized messages or photographs.

Funny Christmas Quotes Free

These postcards that we share you can print them and make your collage on paper or, you can edit them on the computer through tools as simple as Paint and for those who know how to handle Photoshop can also be a great tool.


If you want to add some special effect, you can also work on the image that you choose in a power point .



You place it as a background image and on it you can put more images as your photographs, you can add music, movements and effects to your words or images that you want to place on the postcard to make it even more fun and personalized.


Another option you have to give life to these Christmas postcards is to create a video with her. This can be a bit more expensive in terms of time, but you can create it in the Movie Maker and, an option that occurs to me, is to always work on the same postcard that you have chosen by modifying the message, the images or the music.

Merry Christmas Greetings

These last options are more complicated, to look good or to be sensational, you do not need to complicate your existence if you do not have enough knowledge to macaron a postcard.

What I can tell you is that always, what touches most and reaches a person, is the message you want to convey , so think about your words or how to send your good wishes.

Merry Christmas Sms

As you are seeing there are many types of Christmas postcards , each of them has its own style and beauty. We can say that each of them is identified with our personality.

Merry Christmas Quotes

They can also be funny , that is, postcards to animate and make the person happy because Christmas is a time of joy.


They can be more creative and imaginative for those who like the details and sentimentality either with messages or images that are able to move us inside.

As you can see in the image above a Christmas tree can be in many ways, shapes and colors. You just have to have imagination so that the Christmas postcard is unique and beautiful.


We can also make 3D postcards, using various materials so that it is not a single drawing. For example, as we see in the photo above, with a small thread or folding some cards we can give volume to the postcard.

In this case they have used a rubber thread with diamonds, which is really Christmas. A tie made with fabric has also been used to stick it to the stars. What do you think about this type of Christmas postcards?

Christmas Postcards

Christmas postcards are a good excuse to wish our family and friends a good year or a good holiday. Therefore, you can buy Christmas postcards with Christmas messages or write your own personalized with a marker.

Christmas postcards

If we do not want to send physical Christmas postcards, that is, on paper, we can also use some Internet pages that allow us to create online Christmas postcards , within some models that give us a choice and then personalize it.

Christmas postcards

This idea we love to make Christmas postcards. It’s about creating a reindeer . To do this we only need to make a brown envelope (or buy it) and with some cards to make the eyes, the horns and the nose.

Christmas Postcards

We can also make Christmas postcards in an elegant and simple way . This, for example, is made with an envelope of craft paper and with a twine and some bright cardboard trees, they have done the rest. It has a very delicate style, right?

For this postcard we need a white cardboard to fold it in half. Then, cut out some triangles of Christmas wrapping paper and stick a loop made of wool between them. This type of Christmas postcards are very easy to make and take us a short time , giving a great result.

This Christmas card can be made by children . All we have to do is draw with pencil the shape of a Christmas tree on the postcard and make a hole with a cutter, in each corner of the tree. Then we have to introduce a green thread (so that it imitates the green of the natural trees) and cross it from side to side as if we were putting the shoelace. Do not forget to tie a knot at the beginning of the thread so it can be closed later.

We can also make Christmas postcards with recycled materials. To make one like the one you see in the photo above, you only need newspaper, colored threads and stickers.

Christmas Postcards

As you can see, with these three materials that we mentioned before, you can make many different Christmas postcard models. With some details like glitter , stickers, threads and colored ribbons, you can create postcards as beautiful as the ones you see above.

Christmas Postcards

The reindeer are also protagonists of Christmas, so we can include it in our Christmas cards. Nothing better than a reindeer singing Christmas carols to wish happy holidays to your friends and family.

Christmas Postcards

If you want to make Christmas postcards , more different, we recommend you follow this example. It’s about making Christmas postcards in 3D. To make one like this, you have to make some cuts with a cutter in the middle of the postcard and make some folds so that the drawing, which only looked like colored stripes, looks like Christmas presents.

Christmas Postcards

This is another type of Christmas postcards online. The Christmas postcards that we find on the Internet can be printed and distributed, but we can also send them by mail.

Christmas Postcards

This idea is also very beautiful. First we must make some stars sewn with cloth and little cushion foam so that they have relief and then with a thread and some branches, stick them to the Christmas postcard, to make them hang.

Christmas Postcards

To make this type of Christmas postcards, we need a little thread to pass it through the cardboard as if it were the clothesline and then small clothespins. You can find these tweezers in the stores where they sell stationery materials. Then you can put the message you want on the clothes hanging, or even make Christmas forms as a gift, a star, a reindeer, etc.

Christmas Postcards

This Christmas card can also be made with children, because they will love to stain their feet with paint and leave their mark. We just have to put some paint on the feet and have them put in a way that looks like the shape of a Christmas tree. Then it is enough to make the shape of the trunk and, if we want, to be able to make some classic ornament such as a star or Christmas balls, even lights.

Christmas Postcards

If you know how to use some computer tools, you can also make original digital Christmas postcards . For this we recommend using programs such as photoshop or illustrator. If you have a graphic tablet, it will be easier to draw on the computer.

Christmas Postcards

The Christmas postcards are an excuse for us to spend time with the children and they can participate and do crafts with us. These types of Christmas cards that we see above are very easy and fast and they will love doing it.


Then we leave you a gallery of photos so you can see more ideas of Christmas postcardsand choose the one you like the most.

Photos of Christmas Postcards to print