100+ Best Christmas Wishes For Loved Ones of 2020

Best Christmas Wishes For Loved Ones: Do you want to send sweet Christmas greetings to your partner?. The Christmas always cause for joy and hope, Christmas must also serve to make known to our friends and family how much we love and appreciate.

Christmas Wishes For Loved Ones

Still, there is a special person who must devote more attention and our partners because finally, she is the one we will stay with until the last of our days.

Christmas Wishes For Loved Ones

We are already on the threshold of Christmas, and many already know that gifts are expensive and even if you have how to buy them, there is nothing better than what is said or written because it is a more personal gesture, but not all of us have such ease of words as to write.

Christmas Wishes For Loved Ones

Are you eager to dedicate a tender Christmas greeting to your partner? You are in the correct article because you will find here several alternatives that can be used to dedicate them with a lot of love, and perhaps more than one will serve you.

Send Loving Christmas Greetings to Your Girlfriend

Christmas Wishes For Loved Ones

  •  “My love, my days with you are incredible. It’s like dreaming all day, and as if everything were magical, thank you for sharing everything with me.
  • I hope that you can receive everything you hope for this Christmas and that God is always with you. Merry Christmas. “
  • “The only thing I can give you is my heart that I open especially for you. You are the love of my life, and this Christmas, I ask Jesus to always keep us together. Merry Christmas my love, I will love you forever. “
  • “Every Christmas approach I feel that God has already given me the most beautiful gift, and this is you, my love, your beauty captivated me from the first day, but your spirit full of life made me fall in love. Happy Nativity my life, I love you. “
  • “I like you to know that you are the best thing that has happened to me and that you are the woman of my life. There is no other like you and not even similar, so I will ask God always to keep you the same this Christmas. I love you, my love, Merry Christmas. “ 
  • “I like to walk with you hand in hand, enjoying every moment of our beautiful nature. I like to kiss you at night because the moon is my only light. I love you, and for me, the sum of the stars is the result of my love for you. Merry Christmas.”

Texts to send at Christmas to my girlfriend by WhatsApp

Dedicate these beautiful Christmas greetings to your girlfriend and let the words fill her senses until they transform into happiness.

  • “Merry Christmas, and may the divine Lord renew the dreams you have lost and fill you with hope so that you understand that the world can be better if you see everything with positivity. I love you, my love, and I wish you the best because you deserve it. Merry Christmas. “
  • “This is the only night that it doesn’t seem so long to see you because I try to be as awake as I can to fly into your arms and greet you as soon as 12 am. I love you, my life, and we will be together forever. Merry Christmas.”
  • “My life, you know how much I love you and how much I wish that this Christmas Jesus, with his arrival, feeds you the spirit of joy, everything bad happens, He does not send more than you can bear. Smile, it’s Christmas. “
  • “The bells ring announcing the arrival of the Child God, and with his birth, my desire to be happy in this life increases, and for that to happen, I have always to have you by my side, therefore that is my Christmas gift. Merry Christmas, love.”
  • Every year with the birth of Jesus, we have the opportunity to renew many things, including dreams and promises.
  • Take this opportunity to send beautiful Christmas messages for your partner, and this is a way to renew your love. Merry Christmas. “

Beautiful Christmas greetings for my partner

  • Christmas is a very special celebration because you spend good times with your family, friends, and girlfriend.
  • This date is ideal for those to be more united than ever. If you celebrate Christmas Eve in your girlfriend’s company, it will definitely be an occasion that you will remember for the rest of your life.
  • If you want to make that moment much more special, we will tell you how.
  • You can express your love for him through an Inspirational Merry Christmas Messages that you can write on a card, post it on his wall, or tell him in person.
  • You will see that she will love receiving a detail, so it will make her feel very loved. Take a look at the list that we present below and choose the messages that you like the most.

Download the best Christmas messages for my girlfriend for free

If you are looking for a way to surprise her with some Christmas love messages for your girlfriend, you can give her a detail that fills her with emotion and reminds her that she is the most special thing for you.

  • “The best gift I have received in my life has been your love. I thank you for making me so happy, have a beautiful Christmas. “
  • “I only want a gift: your eternal love. You make my life happy, and therefore, I feel happy to have you by my side. Merry Christmas, my princess! “
  • “This Christmas Eve will be the best of all because together we will celebrate the child God’s birth. Congratulations love! “
  • “All year long, I have waited with enthusiasm for this date, not because of the gifts or the food, but because we will celebrate the birth of Jesus together.”
  • “Have a beautiful Christmas, my beloved, and may peace and harmony always reigns in your home. Receive a big kiss and a big hug. “

Beautiful Greetings to Say Merry Christmas To My Partner

  • “You are the most beautiful thing I have, and I thank you for being by my side. I hope this Christmas is one of the most beautiful of your life. Congratulations. “
  • “I am very fortunate to be the owner of your heart, and on this special day, I want to tell you that I wish you all the best. Have a nice Christmas! “
  • “You are a wonderful woman, so every day I fall in love with you more. May the arrival of Christmas fill your heart with great joy, I love you very much. “
  • “On this special day, I thank the Lord for everything I have, especially for you, my love, because you are the most beautiful girl of all. Have a wonderful Christmas. “
  • “Christmas Eve arrived, and I am very happy to have you by my side. I want this celebration to be very special so that you always remember it with great emotion. Congratulations!”

Romantic Christmas Messages for Lovers

We are all aware that Christmas is a date full of love and better than spending that day with the woman you love and making your heart race.

  • “Today, we will celebrate Christmas, and I take the opportunity to tell you that I am very grateful to God for having met you. May the magic of this party envelop our hearts. “
  • “I love Christmas because it is a time of reflection and beautiful feelings like the ones I have for you. I love you, my princess, have a great time. “
  • “The most special thing about Christmas is being able to give you a big hug and tell you once again that I love you. You are the best gift of my life. “
  • “I have not asked Santa Claus for any gift because with your love, and I do not need anything. I love you very much, and I hope these Christmas celebrations help us to be more united than ever. “
  • “This Christmas, I pray to the Lord that we are always together because you are the most wonderful thing that has happened to me. Congratulations, my dear! “

Find Christmas Wishes For Loved Ones for Christmas Cards

Christmas Wishes For Loved Ones

  • “Your presence will make this Christmas the best of all my life. May these beautiful feelings always keep our hearts together. “
  • “Christmas is a time of peace, harmony, and love, so I want to celebrate the arrival of the child God at your side and at midnight melt into a big hug.”

We hope that these Christmas messages have been to your liking so you can dedicate them to your girlfriend.

Merry Christmas Greetings to Loved Ones

  • “Everyone has a smile on their face because Christmas has arrived, and I feel like the happiest man in the world because this is the first Good Night that I will share with the woman who taught me the true meaning of happiness. Merry Christmas, my beloved!”.
  • “I don’t need gifts or a big dinner to spend a beautiful Christmas. It is enough for me to take your hand at midnight and thank God for the happiness of having you by my side because you care for me, the most special person. Merry Christmas, my beloved!”.
  • “Smile, my princess, because, in a few hours, it will be Christmas. Maybe we cannot be together this Christmas Eve, but I promise you that there will be many years together in which I will make you the happiest woman of all humanity. Merry Christmas, my love!”.
  • “I have asked Santa to bring me a very special gift this year. Now I understand why you wear that cute bow on your head because you are my only desire, and, by your side, I will spend the most beautiful Christmas. I love you!”.
  • “Celebrating Christmas is receiving the good baby Jesus in our hearts. I hope you are not bothered because the other 364 days of the year, I share the suite I placed our love with you. Merry Christmas, my queen! “.

Wonderful Christmas Wishes for Loved Ones

You may not be lucky enough to be by his side, but there are many ways to stick together and make that day something special.

  • “This Christmas Eve will be magical, and I will always remember it. It is the first that I will spend with my beloved and the beginning of a beautiful tradition that our future generations will inherit. Merry Christmas, my beautiful beloved!”.
  • “I adore the city’s lights, the happy Christmas carols sung by choirs, and the dinner that we have to taste at night. But what I love the most about this date is having my beloved girlfriend with me because, with her, I receive Jesus in my heart, and with the company of both of them, I have nothing to lack. Merry Christmas, gorgeous! “.
  • “A night like this is unforgettable because the most beautiful woman the world could host is with me.
  • God put her in my way to show me that happiness exists, and with her, I will celebrate a beautiful Christmas. I love you, my princess!”.
  • “With a girlfriend as beautiful as you, Christmas is better received. You are the only one who steals my smile every day, and at night you give me the long-awaited tranquility. Merry Christmas, my life! “.
  • “I have many things to thank God for, and I want to open my heart to him this Christmas. One of them is that it put you in my path, and you gave me back the faith that I thought I lost years ago. I love you, my beautiful girlfriend!”.
  • “I have a strong hug and full of love. It’s reserved for delivery at midnight for the only woman who stole my heart. Merry Christmas, dear girl! “.
  • “A thousand Christmases would pass by your side because you are the woman with whom I want to form a home. I know this will be one of the many nights that we will enjoy, and I thank God for giving me this great happiness. Merry Christmas, my heart!. “

Romantic Christmas Messages and Cards to Share on Messenger

  • “Your love makes my soul fall in love, thank you my treasure for surprising me this Christmas with the kindness and nobility of your heart.”
  • “Thank you for making me feel that I am the owner of your heart. This will be a magical and unforgettable Christmas.”
  • “My love, this will be the first Christmas that we will celebrate together, and I feel that it will be an unforgettable celebration.”
  • “I ask that everything you want to achieve in your life come true and that this be a serene and romantic Christmas.”
  • “The most beautiful thing about this celebration is to spend it with you, my treasure, Prince of my dreams .. and King of my reality. Merry Christmas, my love !”.

Cards With Romantic Messages to Send My Love at Christmas

  • “It is not important if we celebrate Christmas in your house or in mine, what counts is that the same emotion invades us.”
  • “For you who are my soul mate, I wish this day to be very special. Merry Christmas, my love”.
  • “Despite the distance that separates us today, where you are, I wish you have a merry Christmas.”
  • “A merry Christmas to you, my love, I want you to be the best gift of my life forever.”
  • “Christmas always fills us with enthusiasm, and since we are together, I live feeding on the magic that radiates the love you feel for me.”

Dedications to Send My Husband at Christmas

  • “This will be the best Christmas because we will be together, making our love increase and keep us more united by the faith we share.”
  • “Our love is strong, it can never diminish or fade. Merry Christmas, my love”.
  • “My beloved, the distance that separates us makes me see how in love I am. I wish you a happy Christmas”.
  • “My love for you grows like a plant on fertile ground, nobody and nothing can distract or destroy what I feel for you.”
  • “I wish that this Christmas, our bodies and souls are more synchronized than ever while we allow ourselves to be carried away by an inevitable atmosphere of peace and love.”

Messages to Send My Love to My Cell Phone at Christmas

  • “We know how to manage our relationship in such a way that we do not feel that we are in a cage rather in a sky full of stars. Merry Christmas, my love”.
  • “Only by being with you does my life take the form of true love. Merry Christmas to both of you”.
  • “Merry Christmas, my beloved. The distance that separates us today is the greatest proof that my love for you will never diminish”.
  • “Before you, I remain undaunted, you enclose so much beauty within you and give the best romantic touch to this Christmas.”
  • “Your love radiates a relaxing effect that caresses my soul in this magical Christmas”.
  • “In your arms, I find the protection, and in your heart love, I share with you the joy of spending a serene and happy Christmas, my treasure.”

Beautiful Messages to Send My Boyfriend at Christmas

  • “Christmas seems more beautiful if I celebrate it by your side because your beauty does not give up radiating magic, and I let myself be enveloped by so much sweetness.”
  • “I love this moment, which by your side becomes a magical event and full of so much serenity in my soul. Merry Christmas, my love”.
  • “At Christmas, I will always ask for the only gift that is capable of giving me the peace and love that I need in my life to be repeated.”
  • “Being in love with you is like being in heaven and only having eyes to see you, you are the only star I want to follow in my life. Merry Christmas”.
  • “I keep within my heart special moments that can only make each Christmas celebrated by your side always an unforgettable holiday.”

Best Messages to Send My Lover at Christmas

Surprise your sweet half with a romantic greeting for the arrival of Christmas. See you soon.

  • “My heart continues to be in love, the Christmas atmosphere that surrounds us is magnificent because your presence makes everything around me special.”
  • “Upon receiving Christmas, let us express together the common desire to love each other and be happy forever.”
  • “This Christmas, the most beautiful memories of your smile and all demonstrations of love that show your passion for me, will be repeated.”

It is for that special someone that we have prepared these Christmas greetings for my partner. Send him the one you like the most and fill his heart with joy this Christmas.

Romantic Messages to Send My Love at Christmas

Christmas has an innate charm that infects us. The city lights up, and we all feel in a better mood. The joy is even greater when you have someone who occupies your heart, that someone who paints your days with caresses and smiles.

  • “Christmas is a wonderful season, and it is much more since you are in my life. Merry Christmas my love, may God bless your home and our relationship. “
  • “No gift, no matter how big, can show how much I love you. At least I have a whole year ahead to fill you with details and samples of my love. Merry Christmas, my life. “
  • “Instead of Christmas lights, I could decorate my house with your smiles because, for me, they give off the same light. You shine in my life like a star and guide me with your radiance. Merry Christmas, my princess. “
  • “I look forward to Christmas that we can spend together. I imagine us next to the tree among gifts, just you and me. Until that day, Merry Christmas from afar, I send you all my love. “
  • “Even if we are not together today, you know that my heart is with you. Since you are part of my life, there is no Christmas in which I do not thank God for having put you in my way. Merry Christmas, my love. “

Love Texts to Send My Boyfriend at Christmas

  • “Holding your hands and looking into your eyes, hugging you and kissing you are enough gifts for me this Christmas. I need nothing more than to be by your side, with my heart swollen with happiness. I love you.”
  • “Merry Christmas, sweetheart. It doesn’t matter how many Christmases I spend with you; they all cause me the same emotion. May the joy and peace of this party remain in our hearts all year long. “
  • “I have nothing to ask Santa Claus because all my wishes were fulfilled with you. Let’s spend Christmas together, enjoying our love that is the greatest gift of all. Merry Christmas. “
  • “Every Christmas by your side is a dreamy one. It doesn’t matter if there are gifts if we have a great dinner or not. Because our love fills every corner of our house, and that is enough. Merry Christmas, my heart. “
  • “I wish you were here. Sharing my table, singing Christmas carols, and kissing at midnight. Despite the distance, I hope you can feel all the love I have for you. Merry Christmas, love!”

Long Love Messages to Dedicate to My Partner at Christmas

  • “Christmas is to be spent next to those we love the most, but if you are not there, mine will be incomplete. I send you my love wrapped in paper made of my kisses and my best wishes. Merry Christmas.”
  • “A message is not enough nor is an” I love you “, but I can give you a moment. My life, when we are together, I will give you all the kisses and affection that distance does not allow me. Merry Christmas.”
  • “I feel nostalgic for us because this Christmas I will be without you. You make me happy, and even if you are far away, your memories bring me joy. Happy holidays, my life”.
  • “I would like this day not to end. The joy of Christmas and your company will make this date perfect. You are a dream come true, and I couldn’t ask for more from Santa Claus. Merry Christmas.”
  • “If Christmas granted me a wish, I would ask that our love be eternal. May all Christmases have the light of your presence and the tenderness of your voice. Merry Christmas, my life. “
  • “How many Christmases await us? Maybe I shouldn’t think about the future, just enjoy this Christmas in which you give me your affection, your words of love and your hugs that are the best of tonight. “


Remember that words reach the soul, and love needs special care. These are, without a doubt, the best Christmas Wishes For Loved Ones that your girlfriend or boyfriend can receive this Christmas. We wish you a merry Christmas next to the person who knew how to win your heart. Happy Holidays!

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