Top 20+ Family Christmas Pictures & Images 2018

Family Christmas Pictures & Images: Here I bring you several Christmas images to send to family and friends to greet them and wish them a Merry Christmas 2018!

Family Christmas Pictures & Images

Messages wishing happiness to our couple, family, friends and the people who love us, at Christmas and New Year. Images with Christmas motifs accompanied by congratulatory quotes.

Family Christmas Pictures

Family Christmas Pictures

For those who are far away and we can not enjoy your company during these Christmas holidays.  To send a Christmas message of love, light and our best Christmas wishes, to those people who are going through a bad time in their lives.  For old relationships to which we do not hold grudges or resentment.

Family Christmas Pictures of Couple

Family Christmas Photos

If you are looking for Christmas photos and images, here you have them all. More than 200 images to download, send and even print at home.

Christmas is here. Winter has already begun. So if you have not done it yet, it’s time to start preparing the Christmas tree decoration. Install the lights, organize the manger and if necessary, get down to work with the congratulations for all your family and friends.

Family Christmas Pictures & Images of Full Family

Family Christmas Images

Family Christmas Images

It is a habit that is lost. Because in fact, now you can even congratulate Christmas postcards for Facebook. But if you are one of those who prefer the traditional over the modern, this that we propose today can be interesting. And we have decided to collect more than 200 photos and images of Christmas to download and share with your family.

100+ Merry Christmas Pictures, Photos & Pics 

Family Christmas Pic

We have searched and found images, illustrations and photos of all kinds. Although all are related to Christmas and all can be used to download and share. Also, if you have a little skill for crafts, maybe you can also print them and take ideas to make your own Christmas greetings.

Family Christmas pictures in the snow


Next, we propose a good assortment of images and photos to wish a Merry Christmas to you. Ready to take a look?


Christmas landscapes are usually idyllic prints, with snow-covered houses and trees covered in snow. They are landscapes that are probably more typical in mountain areas or in icy Europe, so the only thing we can do in the South is to download these photos and images of Christmas with landscapes.

Christmas Wishes for Family and Friends

Family Christmas pictures 2018

Christmas family

Christmas family

On the Internet, you will find images of all kinds. We have chosen high-quality files, which you can use to install as wallpaper on your computer, or that you can send through your social networks and favorite messaging applications. Another interesting option is to print them. If you do it with good quality paper, the results promise to be great.

Christmas Card for Best Friend


Christmas is the tradition. And logically, there are many people who prefer traditional images. Those that we have always seen and those that are inspired by the religious facts of the time: the birth of Jesus. We have selected a series of images to download the most inspiring, but always made in traditional techniques and inspired by the Christmas of a lifetime.


The Christmas tree is a central element in any Christmas that is tercie. Surely you already have it done at home and it is probably an image that you will like to share with all your relatives, friends and family. What we propose are different photographs of beautiful and bright trees, which you can download and share with your friends through social networks and through WhatsApp.


You have a tree adorned with many lights , one with stars , another full of gifts , one drawn , one of simple but bright , one of immense in the street and another that will serve as background for your Christmas greetings, full of stars, balls and gold tinsel.


The Bethlehem is one of the classics of any home where Christmas is celebrated intensely. Putting the manger is an event, especially when there are children at home. That’s why we wanted to offer you a series of images related to this tradition. Because surely they will also be useful to inspire you. And if not look at this Bethlehem that knows how to perfectly combine the modern with the traditional. It is a beautiful nativity with the background lights of the tree. Lovers of this tradition will love it.

Christmas Love Quotes & Messages

Here you have a more traditional Bethlehem , another with lights , one with the figures of all life , one of very simple, with the figures of St. Joseph, the Virgin Mary and the Child Jesus . You will also see the ox and the mule, inseparable companions of this holy family in the birth of the Messiah. Here you will see the adoration of the Three Magi , who brought the child Jesus incense, gold and myrrh.

Christmas Card Sayings & Quotes – Choose the Best!


You may prefer to opt for the illustrations. That it is Christmas does not mean that we have to limit ourselves to traditional nativity scenes and figurines. To congratulate Christmas, you can also use modern illustrations. They are inspired by Christmas and reflect moments of celebration, such as a carol cantata or Christmas songs in front of a tree. As you see, it is a modern image, but very successful to congratulate Christmas to yours. Especially if you are a lover of this kind of musical events!

But we have many more Christmas illustrations to show you. Here you have Christmas balls, a bird and a snowman singing , a minimalist tree with colorful balls to wish a happy 2018 , a beautiful house with many Christmas elements drawn , a family together making the Christmas tree, socks Christmas full of gifts.

Best Funny Christmas Greetings


It is clear that Christmas is for children. And it is because the Magi and Santa Claus come to bring them many gifts . Using the images of the Three Kings and Santa Claus can be great for the little ones in the house. We have found graphic illustrations, funny drawings and others that you can use as Christmas postcards. You can include them in the letter or in any other greeting, more romantic images, the classic one with the silhouettes and the star, one of the Kings of Playmobil, a gif with the faces of the magic monarchs, these so traditional and these others, children, the sea of fun.

free-merry-christmas-sms-messages merry-christmas-sms-messages-images Merry-christmas-messages Christmas Quotes for Cards to Put on Cards Christmas postcards


Spain is composed of very diverse communities and very special celebrations. For example, in Catalonia the traditional tió is celebrated. It is a custom that can also occur in areas of Aragon and consists of feeding a log during the days leading up to Christmas. On the 24th night, the children give the guy blows with a stickand this them  shits  goodies, chocolates and nougat.

Navidad Imágenes Animadas

In the networks, we have found a lot of beautiful images of this character of Christmas in Catalonia. You can download this from the tió in the middle of the meadow, a traditional image of the Tió at home, a pile of logs stacked, or even this, so traditional that it is made of crochet.

Feliz navidad Amor

In the Basque Country and Navarre there is another character, called Olentzero , typical of the Basque Christmas tradition. A coalman of mythological origin who brings gifts on Christmas Day in Euskal Herria. Its origin is in the area of Lesaca (Navarra) and we also have images to represent this character of the region. This beautiful drawing of the Olentzero will delight the youngest of the house , who surely are already waiting for it.

We have found representative images of the Olentzero, in this loaded of gifts , others of more traditional, more graphic and funny , mysterious and even photographs of the real personage . The same one that in just six days will bring Basque and Navarre children a lot of gifts.

Las 10 Mejores Peliculas de Navidad

Another important personage is the Pandigueiro or Apalpador is a traditional personage of Galicia. It is a coalman who brings gifts to children, although his day, in fact, is December 31. It is giant and part of the fantasy. The youngest is told that this character comes down from the mountains at Christmas to feel the small belly and check if they are well fed.

Traditionally, as a gift I left some hot chestnuts. In the network you will find very beautiful images of the Apalpador, others to wish happy holidays  and lovely illustrations to use as Christmas postcards .

The Esteru is another character from the peninsula. A magical and good-natured man, very similar to the Olentzero, but especially famous in Ruiseñada, a town in Cantabria . As if this were not enough, Cantabria also comes the Anjanas, who are mythological fairies who arrive on January 6. And they bring gifts to the little ones. Here you have images of Esteru , which you can use to add to your Christmas greetings . The Anjanas are very present in Cantabrian Christmas, so you can find many images on the Internet.

What Is the Real Meaning of the Christmas Tree


The Christmas postcards are still alive. There are many people who still dedicate themselves to sending Christmas and even making them themselves, with the little ones or as adults. Because it is already known that Christmas is exciting for everyone. On this occasion, we want to offer you a good number of Christmas postcards with beautiful images that you can print yourself or use to get ideas.

We have found these irresistible love reindeer , traditional drawings of snow and Christmas tree , loving owls , endearing reindeer with moving eyes , Christmas trees recycled with the tip of the pencils , one with the image and the graphics of Santa Claus or Santa Claus (as you want to call it), another with small trees and balls of colors and simple geometries , some wise men lost in the immensity of your GPS , a tree that does not want to be electrocuted , designs made with paper ,  an interesting formula to take advantage of your colored buttons,a singing reindeer  and one with a sea of humorous nougat .

Christmas Wishes Quotes


Christmas is an eminently religious time. Tradition drives us to celebrate Christmas, even if we are not deeply Christian and practicing, knowing that we are remembering the Christian story of the birth of the Messiah. And all those elements that surround the original story.

However, in many places what is celebrated is the winter solstice. It is a way to celebrate the arrival of this season or the passage from autumn to winter . Something that in some cities, such as Madrid, has already been done. That is why, to include images of all tastes here, we have decided to look for images of the winter that do not contain religious motifs.

It will be a good way to celebrate with your family the arrival of this season. You have an image of an icy moon , a deserted and snowy landscape , fir trees in the snow , a snowflake ,  a landscape of trees , fir trees , a winter river , a house with sunset , New York and the snow , dolls of Funny snow , a bench in the middle of the landscape , a breathtaking view of some trees , Italy in winter  or a girl in the snow .

Christmas SMS


Many children love to paint drawings. And it is normal that at Christmas they ask for drawings and more drawings to color their favorite Christmas characters . This is also a good way to keep them entertained while they are at home, enjoying their winter vacations.

The drawings that we propose below are blank , so you can print them so they can be painted as they wish. You have plenty of options: snowman , Santa Claus with a tree , a family of children unwrapping gifts , Santa Claus with a reindeer , little angels making a snowman , the three wise men , the star of the annunciation , Christmas socks , Mickey and Minnie , an elf and a reindeer Christmas , Mickey Mouse Christmas , candles , Santa Claus and his gifts ,a very simple Christmas tree  and Santa Claus himself.

Then you can also print pages with iconic elements of Christmas. You have for example, the star, a candle, a snowman, a gift, a tree . A Christmas ball , a candle , an angel , the Virgin Mary with the Child Jesus , a reindeer , a bell  or a small house .


Do you know what mandalas are? Did you have the slightest idea that adults can also paint drawings and that they can also do it to relax? Chromotherapy is a booming technique that helps us evade and that offers us the possibility to be more creative in our day to day. Something that is not easy, especially with the daily stress, obligations and busy life that surrounds us.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

If you go to a bookstore or large shopping center you will see that adult painting books are in fashion . So you will find many options to acquire and give to your relatives. Or to give yourself a whim, that if it works for you, it may even be healing.

But, do you want to try before buying anything? An interesting option is to print coloring drawings that are, logically, for adults. However, since we are at Christmas, the best thing you can do is download coloring drawings inspired by these dates . Is there anything better than painting and relaxing in the light of the Christmas tree?

The drawings you can find to color, specially designed for adults, and inspired by Christmas you have them below. A landscape of mandalas with a reindeer in the center , a composition with Christmas balls , a Christmas tree , a Santa for adults , mandalas with a Christmas touch , a cat that comes out of Christmas presents under the tree , a ball Christmas that you will not find easy to paint , a beautiful composition with trees and gifts.

You can also download  the scene of this couple making the Christmas tree, a bell , a crown of stars , a mandala inspired by the Bethlehem , a mandala with Christmas gifts , another larger mandala with motifs and characters from this era , a bell decorative , a beautiful landscape in the city , a geometric series that you can paint with the colors of Christmas or a reindeer with snowflakes and other elements typical of these dates .


If you want to celebrate Christmas and you are also an art lover, you also have the option of sending your friends, family and friends to a work of art. Christmas has been an inspiration for many artists of todayand forever. So nothing better than rescuing a pictorial work from him to add a message (or not, you know that a picture is worth a thousand words) and publish it on social networks. Or send it through WhatsApp.

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We Wish You A Merry Christmas

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