How to Make Easy Paper Snowflakes

How to Make Easy Paper Snowflakes: A basic technique for cutting and making paper snowflakes and also ideas for decorating with snowflakes. A very easy craft you can do for Christmas is the paper snowflakes. They are a very economical, fun, and beautiful solution for the decoration of our house.

How to Make Easy Paper Snowflakes

You can do them with colored papers or with white pages and they give a great result, also if you have children it is an ideal Christmas craft to do with them, they love it when they open it and see the result.

Material needed to make paper snowflakes:

  • Papers (white, colored) square shape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil (optional)

How to make paper snowflake step by step:

Basic folding of paper 

There are several ways to fold the paper to start making the flakes. This is one of them.
  1. Fold the paper in half and form a triangle
  2. Re-fold the paper and form another smaller triangle
  3. Fold one of the sides to the middle and do the same with the other side has to be shaped like an ice cream cone but with two peaks on top
  4. Cut the peaks so that a kind of paper cone remains
  5. Now you have one of the basic forms of paper folding. From here it begins to cut to give it form from the square bases.

Templates for making paper snowflakes

You can cut shapes randomly and try to see what comes out but if you prefer to follow a design you can follow some of these templates. The white area is what you do not have to cut, the painted area is what you have to cut.

Some ideas to decorate with paper snowflakes:

You’ve already learned how to make snowflakes and now what? You can use them to make things as beautiful as these that I put below to inspire you.
if you have any ideas, do not hesitate to share them.
Merry Christmas and a happy day!