Merry Christmas Messages

Cute Christmas messages to share on WhatsApp with your friends, friends and family. To celebrate these holidays with Christmas greetings and to reach hearts in these so endearing and homely Easter. In these dates it is not always possible that they are by our side, but you can share a nice Christmas message on Facebook or send it in a postcard that will show how far or near we are always sharing that warmth and atmosphere that these Christmas dates bring us, that will bring our expectation of love and peace to wherever they are with our best Christmas messages. They will always transmit a smile and that beautiful desire that we want to reach everyone.

Merry Christmas Messages

Merry Christmas Messages

  • May you never miss a dream to fight for, a project to do, something to learn, a place to go and someone to love. Merry Christmas!.
  • Christmas the joy of that day flying in the sky a star illuminating our life. Drawing in all hearts love and hope drawing in our face the joy of love.
  • Better than all the gifts under the Christmas tree is the presence of a happy family.
  • When the last one has been sent, there comes one from someone you did not send.
  • The best things in life never come alone and this Christmas I confirmed … They come with you! MERRY CHRISTMAS!.
  • Tonight is Christmas Eve and tomorrow Christmas, and the other hangover I go back to work.
  • A handful of nougat will be enough for Christmas, but a handful of your friendship would feed me for life.
  • I have seen flying to health and he told me he was going to your house. I have asked him to look for money and love and that the three of them live in your house this year. Happy New Year.
  • You work less than the Magi, who only do it once a year and it’s a lie.
  • May you never miss a dream to fight for, a project to do, something to learn, a place to go and someone to love. Merry Christmas and Happy 2019.
  • It’s not that I’m scared that time goes by so quickly, it just makes me a little worried that maybe tomorrow I’m too old to do what I’ve left pending. Make sure it does not happen to you. Merry Christmas.
  • With all our affection, we wish you the magic of Christmas to enlighten you and help you to achieve all your dreams. Merry Christmas!.
  • In these so endearing dates, we wish all our friends and family the best for these Christmas Parties and a happy New Year full of happiness and prosperity.
  • I am very happy to be by your side, to be able to hug you and kiss you with tenderness and passion, to be able to look you in the eyes and tell you happy Christmas Eve.
  • The most beautiful Christmas ornament is a smile, the greatest gift is love and hope for a better tomorrow. We wish you a Merry Christmas.
  • The magic of Christmas is the magic of people like you, who make a year go by … Merry Christmas!
  • May this Christmas turn each wish into flower, each pain into a star, each tear into a smile, each heart into a sweet purple. Merry Christmas!.
  • It comes every year and will forever. And with Christmas come the memories and customs. Those humble everyday memories that all mothers grab onto. Like the Virgin Mary, in the secret corners of her heart.
  • The real happiness is in sharing the beautiful moments with the people we love, happy Christmas Eve.
  • Is it true that Mrs. Santa Claus is called Mary Christmas ?.
  • Happiness is made up of little things: a small yacht, a small mansion, a small fortune … Happy New Year.
  • Friends are like stars, you do not always talk to them but you know they are always there. Merry Christmas!.
  • Maybe the best Christmas ornament is a great smile.
  • First discovery on Christmas morning: The batteries were not included with the toy.
  • I would change all the gifts in the world to have your love this Christmas. Merry Christmas!.
  • Sometimes someone comes into your life and you know right away that you were born to be there. That’s why I miss you so much this Christmas …
  • I wish you luck as rain drops, as much love as the sun has rays, and as many happiness as stars in the sky. Merry Christmas.
  • When you receive this message, close your eyes and imagine the happiest moments of your life; that’s what I want for you, a year full of unforgettable moments. Happy Holidays!!!.
  • I wish you a day, a week, a month, a year and a lifetime of illusions and wonderful moments, everything is within you to be fulfilled. Merry Christmas!.
  • Happiness is doing what you want and wanting what you do. Do not dream your life live your dreams. Happy New Year!.
  • Happy, Merry Christmas, which makes us remember the illusions of our childhood, remind grandfather of the joys of his youth, and transport the traveler to his fireplace and his sweet home !.
  • I wish you only two things in life: Everything and Nothing. Everything that makes you happy and nothing that makes you suffer. Happy New Year!.

Send Christmas greetings to those people you love so much is an act of love and respect for those you love. Also the Messages of love or messages of love are ideal for this month where we are with feelings to the surface and you can include in your Christmas Messages .


It can be from family to friends, where these end-of-year dates make us more sensitive to all, so the month of December whether or not Catholic Christmas is something that is always celebrated and celebrated by a meeting of a group of people who love and appreciate each other I remember when he wrote the letter to Santa Claus when she was little, where my mother helped me to ask for those gifts that she wanted so much.

Then great that innocence of asking by letter and what I wanted to pass through the cards with Christmas Messages where he remembered all the love and affection that I had but also wishing a Merry Christmas and especially a beautiful beginning of the New Year. The perfect Christmas messages do not exist as well as the love Messages that are just for your boyfriend or your husband, the important thing is always to be honest when writing a dedication.

That’s why I went looking for the best Christmas Messages I can put and within them I came up with some that are focused on love and the union of the family. It may be that for you the Christmas Eve and Christmas are very sensitive dates as well as painful as it was for me during several years remembering people who were no longer physically with me.

Christmas wishes in Pictures for a loved one

Seeing a group of reindeer pulling a sleigh at night reminds us that childhood never happens

xtree images

Short and pretty Christmas Messages

I’m going to share with you some of these original inspirations that I had, all are texts to congratulate Christmas to show how much you want this holiday that your loved one can spend the best possible.

What I like most about digital cards that replaced paper postcards and are much more environmentally friendly, plus you can quickly leave a message of love to that person you want on the facebook wall or in the profile of Instagram.

The Christmas appointments to share can be famous Messages of famous people who said them or of anonymous that they are staying in time those thoughts and then we take them to reflect the Christmas slogans.

Short and pretty Christmas Messages

  •  Hope, generosity and solidarity have to be the fundamental pillars of this magical night
  • Thank you for celebrating these parties with me for hundreds of nights more like this where the family meets to become stronger
  • Christmas should enter your heart and last all year to be a better person
  • The divine mystery of Christmas can only be explained to those who believe in God and have faith that everything will be better
  • The birth of the baby Jesus is a wonderful activity that we have to meet to celebrate
  •  Christmas has to be like Santa Claus, Generous, Cheerful and Magical
  • Merry Christmas and Excellent New Year where all your wishes come true
  • To think that one date is more important than another is only possible if you have faith in yourself and in the word of the Lord

As these Messages, I can share hundreds of them as I will continue to do later but the important thing of all this is to understand why it is so beautiful to share with another person a hopeful message.

During the year surely your same as it happens to me you go through several obstacles that you try to overcome, some are simpler but others are very complicated where several of them can get to hit us hard.

But you have to learn to get up never let the problems overwhelm you. That is why December dates like Christmas Eve are so important because the family especially gets together. And when I say the family does not have to be a family member like an uncle, nephew, cousin, mom and dad or some of your brothers but the family that you chose that can be good friends where you made very strong ties and are with those who you want to pass this date.

Short Christmas Messages

You will have Christmas songs from romantic to Christmas carols, but you can not miss the party music to celebrate and celebrate that one more Christmas came into our lives. For the children and the youngest of the home they will lie down in their beds waiting for Santa Claus to arrive or as it is said in my country Santa Claus to leave the gift package under the Christmas tree.

Adults will wait to share those delicious Christmas tables where we can eat those exquisite plans that we hope for so many months to enjoy again on your palate, you surely understand what I mean.

It’s something magical because besides you as a woman you make up and try to put on the best dress, look beautiful no matter how many people come to your house as guests or if you go as a guest but it is an honor and a pleasure to be elegant and pretty for this special night. Another detail if you want to be inspired by illustrations and Christmas images I recommend the category of pinterest

Paper Christmas Cards vs Virtual Cards

Surely you would ask why I make this kind of comparison but is that the world changed and the Christmas dedications also since in past decades it was normal to buy paper or cardboard cards where they had their drawing of Santa Claus with his sleigh, snow, Snowman with a festive stage.

Where then you could write with a personal dedication to the phrase that already brought classic “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Christmas”

Once the personal dedication in text you wrote it in handwriting, putting the date and the recipient you kept in an envelope and put it next to a gift package either under the Christmas tree or in a red boot of the suit Santa Claus hanging in some window for example.

But all this was changing with social networks and the Internet.

Currently you have more variety when it comes to dedicating a phrase such as for example, religious Messages to congratulate Christmas , famous Messages to congratulate Christmas, original Christmas wishes and hundreds of combinations where accompanied by a drawing or an illustration is a perfect image to copy and paste on the wall of the facebook profile that you want.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and hundreds of social networks where you can communicate with your family or with your friends at work are a means of communication that revolutionized the way you send original Christmas wishes and Christmas greetings where the essence of love It is intact.

What changes mainly is the medium giving greater options when it comes to knowing that communicating to the recipient of our message.

And above all things, you can choose a greater number of cards and postcards with the Messages you want to convey with your words.

The paper for an ecological issue is disappearing in regards to card impressions, just as if you wanted to have the classic dedication where you give an envelope simply with a printer you can print and subject resolved.

Christmas Messages for Friends

Having good friends is something that we are reaping throughout this life and surely you have a good friend who you consider as your best friend.

Friendship is wonderful.

That’s why I also recommend that you get good ideas from this article of friendship Messages that I made for the day of the friend who can serve you.

These parties are when we greet each other by text message or with a voice message on WhatsApp, although many times we spend it together in the home of one of the two.

In my case, it happened to me many times that for Christmas on December 24, first at the Christmas dinner, I spent it with my relatives and then it was 12 o’clock at night where we already had a drink. They would pick me up with the car to meet us, friends and lifelong friends.

When I was younger inside the exit included going to dance but now, where I am already a mom, my priority is to spend it with my children, my husband mainly and some other family member who joins the Christmas table.

Friends can surely have life, study, work or any other activity you do so send a message of Christmas is something more common than you think and usually takes place within the week that is on 24 December and December 24 especially.

Although many times it is sent messages and congratulations of new year mixed with Christmas.

Some of the Messages I sent to my friends that can surely help you as a source of inspiration are the following which are also short Christmas Messages for ideal cards :

Christmas Messages for ideal cards

  • In your home you can not miss the essentials of life for these holidays: love, joy, faith, health and hope.
  • To all the people who accompanied me this year, I wish you the greatest joys and that you will fulfill all your dreams and have the greatest prosperity in the new year.
  • I wanted to send you a special gift for these Christmas festivities but I had a big problem. How do I wrap you up? Merry Christmas
  • I know I am physically far away but with this message I want to get as close to your heart as possible
  • I want to share with my best friends these Christmas wishes so important for me, where love, peace and friendship are an important pillar in my life
  • The wealth of an individual is measured according to the number of good friends and the quality you have of them so I want you to know that you are part of my most intimate group of friendship and I hope that this Christmas Eve do not forget that I am present at your side
  • Friends are like those stars you can see on Christmas night, that although you can not see them, you know they are always there. Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year
  • I fervently hope that in your home you can light the light of unity and hope
  • Your happiness will be my best wish for these holidays
  • This Christmas is the time to give your heart and all the signs of love as of love you can.
  • Sharing the love you carry in your heart is the best thing that can happen to you. Merry Christmas to All Dear Friends.

Funny Christmas Quotes

Christmas Messages for children

  • Christmas is something very special for children because all their dreams come true. Congratulations to all the Boys and Girls of this World
  • Children dream that we will have a better future, ask in the letter to Santa Claus Love, Peace and Happiness for all besides the gift
  • That in each child of this world you can plant the magic Christmas night in each of them
  • The true feeling of waiting for Santa Claus one night in which he is much more than just receiving a gift package is reflected in the children’s eyes.
  • Humility, tenderness and innocence can nourish the goodness of the children on this Christmas Eve.
  • Christmas brings with it the tenderness and melancholy of the past, but also the great value that is given to the things of the present added to the hope of the future
  • I wish that love is the central axis in your home and that you love and be loved as Mickey loves Minnie
  • Listen to the twelve bells at twelve o’clock at night, close your eyes and make a wish, the most important of your life, since I will do the same asking for my wish: May yours come true this Christmas and this New Year.
  • Christmas is that child that we all have inside of us and which we talk about very often. He who motivates your heart to have the noblest and sincere feelings.
  • Let the Christmas night envelop you in love to infect everyone in every home.

Christmas Messages for customers

Christmas Messages for customers

  • We wish you much joy in these parties so that you can spend unforgettable moments with your family in peace and happiness with family and friends.
  • Let’s continue together for another year sharing experiences and projects where Christmas makes us reflect on the good things we did and think about how to improve the obstacles that were presented to us
  • The flame of charity is lit by Christmas and that is what we must do throughout the year, maintaining this spirit of leadership, kindness and personal growth.
  • Our company gives a cordial greeting to all our workers and their families so that together with us they spend an unforgettable family time having the Christmas table with what they wish to be able to share with their loved ones
  • Good ambitions, longings and future plans must come true on this Night where the change to a new life and the birth of a great destiny begins
  • We are very grateful for the trust given, we hope that these holidays are the best so that you can recharge your spiritual energy and continue one more year together growing with new ventures

Christian Christmas Messages

  • Jesus has to illuminate with his light your way of life and that can help you in the bad moments to overcome them
  • May all your longed for longings crystallize and may the Blessing of the Lord keep your home this Christmas and this New Year.
  • On this special day I ask God to bless all families and to help all human beings to be more united and love our neighbor more . Have a beautiful Christmas!
  • I want to thank our Lord for giving us so many virtues, including celebrating these holidays, infinitely thankful to give us everything we need to live and enjoy this life that I value in every second
  • Do not forget that Jesus Christ will fill your heart with love for Christmas, but also every day of your life if you have faith in his strength and that on this anniversary of his birth you renew as much as I do fidelity to him and that your family members will notice and know it to be a contagious and beautiful enthusiasm.
  • Little is left to receive the baby Jesus in every home on this planet. This is the reason why I want to receive this Christmas not a material gift but an embrace of that important being in my life that are the people who love me and love me.
  • God bless you this Christmas and grant you all the dreams you have plus peace, joy and happiness
  • This is Christmas where you have to turn every tear of your face into a smile, every pain you have in your life in a star of hope, every wish you have you cling tightly so that it becomes a flower and every heart in a sweet abode for Jesus, Our Savior.

Christmas Messages in English


  • Merry Christmas, I wish you this special night of love, peace and humility.
  • Christmas arrived and we have to be more united than ever as family and as friends because times are difficult but faith in God is who will help us move forward.
  • Merry Christmas and good night I hope you spend with your loved ones and family. Christmas trees, snow, Christmas table and hundreds of Christmas decorations will give us the perfect setting to celebrate.
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year I wish you with all my heart that loves you.
  • Santa Claus is coming to improve our life the birth of the child Jesus we have to receive it with great faith and hope.

I hope that this contribution of different themes on Christmas messages can be used to share in a Facebook profile or where you want to wish all good wishes for your loved ones

But then I understood that I will always carry them in my heart and accompany me for whatever I need and that other generations or those present do not deserve to make me look sad or ruin such an important date. You have to be happy that you have health, work and love.

Send Christmas messages on WhatsApp is the fastest way to share the illusion of these Easter dates, but we can also share it on the Facebook wall, sending sms with your mobile phone as well as beautiful postcards with beautiful short Christmas messages to send them by mail or to accompany your gifts to family and friends. There is something for all tastes, horny Christmas messages, for those who want to spice up Christmas and share laughs and hugs, Christmas songs, as well as other more formal ones in which it is intended to transmit wishes of peace, prosperity and good auguries for the new year with nice Christmas messages.

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