100+ Religious Christmas Card Sayings & Messages of 2020

The best short and simple Religious Christmas Card Sayings & Religious Christmas Card Messages: Often in this maelstrom of shopping and consumerism that invades us during the Christmas holidays, we forget Christmas’s true origin. We forget the main reason we celebrate these festivities so endearing that it is none other than to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Religious Christmas Card Sayings

Best Religious Christmas Card Sayings

That is why I have compiled a series of Religious Christmas Card Sayings for you to use on your cards. If you consider yourself Christian and want to give a religious touch to your Christmas Sayings for your postcards, we suggest the following that I hope you like:

Religious Christmas Card Sayings

Religious Christmas card sayings with Jesus in the heart:

  • May Jesus find in our hearts a welcoming space to be born.

Religious Christmas card sayings to congratulate Christmas:

  • Heaven and earth sing for joy a child has been born to us. The son of God. Have a merry Christmas.

Religious Christmas card messages for Christmas Eve and Christmas:

  • Tonight is Christmas Eve and tomorrow Christmas… love is born incarnate in a humble manger. Have a happy holiday season.

Religious Christmas card Quotes to celebrate the birth of Jesus:

  • May we live Christmas with the enthusiasm and illusion that our Lord’s birth gives us and may he sow true love throughout the world.

Pretty religious Religious Christmas card sayings:

  • May Christmas and the New Year revive the innocence that every heart that loves Christ Jesus must preserve.

Religious Christmas card sayings about the birth of Jesus:

  • The birth of Jesus marked hope throughout the world. Let Christmas surround you with love. Happy Holidays.

Christmas Sayings to use on religious postcards:

  • On a special date like this, may joy fill your heart. Put aside your resentments and instead ask for blessings for all those who hurt you, so that the child Jesus enlightens them, and they can live in peace.
  • I wish you a happy Christmas. May the Lord Jesus show us his love and mercy this Christmas and during the new year that will soon begin. Happy Holidays.

Religious Sayings may the Lord be with you:

If the Lord is with you, who is against you? Receive the Lord this Christmas in your heart

Christmas and savior Sayings:

  • May this Christmas turn each wish into a flower, each into a star, each tear into a smile, each heart into a sweet abode to receive Jesus, our Savior.
  • These are the most beautiful Christmas Sayings that I have compiled on the net in order that they can serve you and be used by anyone who, from our Christian religious beliefs, wants to congratulate their loved ones on Christmas without forgetting the true origin and reason for what we are celebrating. I hope you enjoy them and Merry Christmas!

Religious Christmas card messages

Religious Christmas card messages

  • I wish you a Christmas full of math: addicted to pleasure, subtracted from pain, multiplied with happiness, and divided in love with the people who matter most to you.
  • Merry Christmas! I hope your routine turns into surprise, anger into smiles, and sadness into hope. Let your flag be love and your language kisses.
  • Every day is good to discover the deepest meaning of a smile, a loving look, an affectionate greeting. Christmas is the perfect time to rediscover true values. It only takes five minutes to reflect and understand that everything we need is within us, around us! Merry Christmas!
  • Ingredients to spend a good Christmas: friends in abundance, cold enough (On the other hand, a little imagination;) result. The joy of Christmas!
  • I wish in all simplicity: that this Christmas awakens peace and brotherhood in us, with the sole idea that all problems can be fixed.
  • This Christmas SMS will be completely different from all the messages you have received. I hope you never forget: Happy Easter!
  • We want to take the opportunity of Christmas and the end of the year to express our gratitude for all that you have done for us. Please accept this Christmas as a symbolic reminder of our esteem for you.
  • May this Christmas and in the year find the illuminated path of love, hopes, illusions, concrete projects, and good health. Congratulations.

Best Religious Christmas Card Sayings

  • At Christmas, you can breathe fresh, magical, and special air, but I am lucky to have people around me, making my life a constant aroma 365 days a year. You are one of them.
  • May the Child Jesus, with his infinite love and goodness, illuminate your home, and fill it with happiness and blessings! Love, peace, and much happiness are our best wishes for these Christmas and New Year holidays.
  • This morning I met an angel, and he asked me: What is your wish for Christmas? I said: take care of the person who will read this message. Kisses!
  • Enjoy a happy and peaceful Christmas in the company of the people you love the most and may love triumph. Best wishes for Christmas!
  • Christmas brings a special smell in the air, the smell of peace and serenity. May this aroma enters the hearts of all the world’s peoples so that life can be better.
  • A heart dressed to the nines, decorating the house thoughts with bright joys and smiles, is what I wish for this Christmas!
  • Christmas is harmony, and harmony begins with a smile. May you smile every day of your life. I wish you the joy and peace of Christmas!
  • Wherever you go, you will find me, and This means that I love you, I love you, and I keep dreaming about you. Merry Christmas, my old love!

Religious Christmas Card Sayings for Family

Religious Christmas card messages

  • May all your dreams and goals be fulfilled in the New Year: But if your happiness depends on my friendship, consider yourself the happiest person in the world. I wish you a peaceful Christmas and a great New Year!
  • With our best intentions, please come to our sincerest wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May the joy of this Christmas be the beginning of a better life!
  • I wish you as much luck as the rain has dropped, the sun has as much health as rays, and the sky has as much happiness as stars. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  • Love, I wish you have a wonderful Christmas. We will not be together on Christmas Eve, but my thoughts and my love will be with you. I love you so! Merry Christmas!
  • May the spirit of Christmas follow you every day to come. Peace and love fill your heart, beauty invade your world, and may happiness and joy reside in your home, day after day.

Religious Christmas Card Messages for Family and Friends

  • Hi, how are you? In the celebration of Christmas, I don’t want to make you a special wish… because I prefer to wish you happiness every day.
  • In the hope that this Christmas can enlighten our minds and open our hearts. I offer my best wishes of happiness to you and your family.
  • I would feel happy if Christmas managed to clear up the misunderstandings, indifference and evils that unfortunately characterize the lives of many. May Christmas open the hearts of all of us.
  • For the good times, gratitude. For bad, a lot of hope. For each day, an illusion. And always, constantly, a lot of happiness. This is my biggest wish for .
  • Merry Christmas to people of goodwill and my best wishes for love, peace, and brotherhood to reign in the corners of all homes.
  • When you receive this SMS, close your eyes and imagine the happiest moments of your life; that is what I wish for you, a year full of happiness. Happy !
  • May you be with all of your loved ones during these Easter days. As the song says: Kiss me, kiss me a lot, as if tonight were the last time. Enjoy them constantly, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year. Even on the January slope.
  • May this Christmas saturate your homes with splendor, living its beauty with great solemnity, in a unique and joyful atmosphere. Happy Holidays!
  • I wish for you, and all of you, that this Christmas you can share the most unforgettable moments together. Hoping that next year , it will be the propitious scenario for the successful realization of all your projects, fulfilling each of your dreams. Merry Christmas!

Beautiful Short Religious Christmas Card Messages

  • For all of you, may you enjoy the Christmas Eve table, may your deepest dreams come true, may each new day be even better. May cordiality reign in everyone, may we take a look at what is good and not at what divides us. With best wishes for Christmas and New Years.
  • The upcoming holidays that are coming are for each of us the opportunity to experience a period of happiness and serenity with our families, friends, and loved ones. Merry Christmas!
  • May you never lack a dream to fight for, a project to carry out, something to learn, a place to go, and someone to love. Merry Christmas!
  • This Christmas, I wish peace to hijack your life, love flood your soul, and happiness is reflected on your face, I heartily wish you all the good you deserve.
  • Tonight is Christmas Eve and tomorrow Christmas, enjoy life and don’t get bitter. Go, go, go, we have made it good, with the milk of the crisis it does not arrive for dinner.
  • There are a few special people, but enough to improve the world. Merry Christmas and a happy, sparkling, sparkling New Year to one of those few people.
  • Christmas is the best holiday of the year: opening gifts, singing, eating. But the greatest happiness is being able to count on you, celebrate this special date, and shout Merry Christmas!
  • May this Christmas turn: every wish into a flower, every pain into a star, every tear into a smile, every heart into a sweet purple. Merry Christmas!
  • Place your right hand on your left shoulder and your left hand on your right shoulder. You just got a hug from a distance. Happy New Year!

Sample Religious Christmas Card Messages

Sample Religious Christmas Card Messages

  • The family Christmas gift: $ 60, the party at the disco: $ 50, the New Year’s Eve outfit: $ 100. Wish you a happy new year: Priceless!
  • It does not count, what is wrapped under the tree. What counts is in the air, in a hug, in a simple smile or a kiss. This is my wish: a Christmas full of things that matter, that can reach the heart and embrace our soul. Merry Christmas!
  • This Christmas, with the crisis, I have decided to send an SMS, only to people that I like and are important in my life. I hope that comes loaded with success and can congratulate everyone, including you.
  • Dear friend, if you receive this SMS it is because the light that guides you is close to mine. May these lights never part. Wholeheartedly merry Christmas and a happy new year.
  • May this little moment where it is impossible to suppress a tear of joy, where kisses escape from the lips and where the embrace of a loved one protects us from all evil be repeated over and over again during the new year. Merry Christmas!
  • We extend our best wishes of love, health, and peace to the whole family, not only for this Christmas but for life. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year .

Merry Christmas Card Messages Religious

  • Christmas is coming, the holiday that most makes us think about family. That is why I feel particularly close and would like to spend these warm moments together with those who wish to bring peace to the New Year.
  • Tonight is Christmas Eve and tomorrow Christmas, and the other with a hangover I go back to work. I’m more pissed off than a turkey listening to a tambourine. Merry Christmas!
  • This will be the most beautiful Christmas for me because I found you. With the same illusion that we find the gifts under the tree. Today I tell you that you are my unexpected gift, the most beautiful thing I have ever dreamed of. Merry Christmas my love!
  • May Christmas bring tranquility. Where there is a need that brings abundance, where there is a disease that brings health, where there are fears that brings courage, where there is hatred that brings love and happiness for you. Merry Christmas!
  • Let the magical night of Christmas Eve infect you with peace and joy. Let every moment of Christmas live your own beauty. And the New Year will grant you: Prosperity and happiness.
  • May you always have a reason to laugh, a dream come true, a thousand pleasures to enjoy, and no reason to suffer. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas.
  • Merry Christmas to everyone, best wishes to your relatives and have a very happy Christmas Day. I hope my wish is fulfilled and we get infected in the New Year with happiness and peace
  • To find my special gift, you don’t have to wait for Christmas. The esteem and affection that friends like you offer me throughout the year are priceless. Thank you for giving me what I really want. I wish the infinite to you and yours.
  • If you have an unfulfilled dream, you will have a goal to achieve. Happiness is a mix of dreams and realities. May multiply your ability to dream.
  • May the Christmas spirit enter your home and fill your heart with love. Christmas is the perfect excuse to be happy. Best wishes for Christmas!

Religious Christmas Messages for Children’s Card

  • May this Christmas enlighten our ability to continue dreaming, to continue helping, to continue creating, and may the Child God give us health to be able to do all these things, always looking at our families, friends, and not forgetting those who we can be of great help too.
  • That the Christmas elf outlines a smile in every corner of your home, and if he does not do it, you hit him with a well-given host, that for one thing, you ask of the year. Happy !
  • That this Christmas does not become a corner full of illusions. Let’s forget the past empathy and live a Christmas brimming with love and friendship, hoping that will be a year full of emotions.
  • Congratulations to all the little angels who can’t sit down to eat something hot like all of us on this Christmas day. Merry Christmas little angels, because one day your life will improve.
  • A wise man said: the wealth of a human is measured by the quantity and quality of the friends he has. Thank you for being part of my fortune. Merry Christmas!
  • Your heart is the portal of Bethlehem, your soul the spirit of Christmas, your way of seeing things is magical. You are the path that everyone wants to find.
  • This Christmas will bring endless joy to your heart, that joy will turn into immense happiness that will accompany you for the next 12 months. Next year I will repeat it!
  • The purity of Christmas is painted white.
    The serenity of Christmas is painted blue.
    The passion for Christmas is painted red.
    The happiness of Christmas, Take the brush and paint your life!
  • If you’re feeling happy at Christmas, it’s not because of those cards you’ve sent for years.
    It is not because of the jubilant sound of street music or children’s songs.
    It is not for the holidays, nor for the special meals
    The small and big things you do at Christmas do not return the person you refused to help or the friend for whom you did not have time.
    If you feel especially happy at Christmas, it is not because of what you do at Christmas.
    It’s because of the things you did well all along.