7 Best Short Christmas Letter Examples of 2020 – [For Companies]

Best short Christmas letter examples: Do you want to send nice corporate greetings? During Christmas, we usually send Christmas greetings to our employees, but it is also important to send a special greeting to those companies and businesses that are our clients or our collaborators to express our gratitude for having them and, in some way, being part of our company.

short Christmas letter examples

Top Short Christmas Letter Examples

Email is an ideal way to send a Christmas greeting letter, as it allows you to select multiple recipients and also attach images or other types of documents.

Send Beautiful Short Christmas Letter Examples for Companies and Workers

Here we bring you several Short Christmas Letter Examples of corporate emails that you can use to send your congratulations and greetings for Christmas.

Example No 1: Short Christmas letter examples for a company 

From: ________,

To: __________________,

Dear Sirs:

We hereby send you a cordial greeting from _____________ on the occasion of Christmas and the New Year.

We are very grateful for the good institutional relations that we have had throughout the year. The _______ is one of our best clients, and we are proud to be able to offer our best service, always thinking about the well-being of the students, always providing them a balanced diet.

We want to take advantage of this Christmas season to send you our best wishes, that you can have a Merry Christmas from your family members, and that next year will be a prosperous year that brings you many successes.



Example No 2: Short Christmas letter Ideas for a company

From: _______.


Receive a cordial greeting from _______. On the occasion of the end of the year festivities.

We want to thank you for the excellent service and attention you have given us throughout this year and also for the quality of your products that has made it possible for our merchandise to reach its destination in the best conditions.

We want to share with you part of our success since, without your collaboration, none of this would be possible.

This Christmas, we send you our most sincere wishes so that you have a happy Christmas with your family members and that the new year arrives accompanied by many personal, family, and professional successes.

They are the sincere wishes of,


Example No 3: Short Christmas letter examples for a company 

From: ____________

To: ____________

Dear Sirs:

We want to send you a very cordial greeting from the ___________ business family through this email.

This year, our sales have grown enormously due to the great acceptance that our products have had.

As one of our best suppliers, we want to thank you for helping us make our success possible, thank you for providing your products with quality in mind and customer satisfaction.

The Christmas campaign is coming to an end, and it has also been very successful. We thank you once again for always joining us.

May you have a merry Christmas full of love and peace with your families and may the coming year bring you much success and prosperity.



Example No 4: Christmas letter for Business

Company Name

Av. Las Alondras Nº 1009

Telef. 343 8883/542 8976

Dear customers:

We are very happy to be able to experience the arrival of Christmas with you, as well as we are pleased that you have chosen us as your best option this year.

We are sure that we will continue to meet your needs during the next one and you will be more than happy to continue choosing our quality and service.

Our priority has always been and will be our customers’ well-being, so we always strive to provide our best fabrics so that you can count on the highest quality in everything you do with them.

We want to remind you that this Christmas we will be launching a new line of innovative products, in addition to those that you already know and for which you prefer us.

We must also emphasize that we will not let this opportunity pass without wishing you a beautiful Christmas season and that your lives are filled with light and a lot of love.

May peace and harmony reign in your homes.

They are the best wishes from your server,

Company Name

Example No 5: Best Christmas Letter templates

Company Name

Av. Rosales No. 400

Telef. 311 9865/553 9191

Company Website

Dear customers:

With this, we want to send you our most sincere greetings on the occasion of Christmas’s arrival.

We hope that this great celebration’s love and peace are present in your homes and bring you beautiful moments of happiness.

Do not stop enjoying a single moment with your loved ones, focus only on it as we will ensure your safety and that of your loved ones. It is our mission and that we will always fulfill, especially during these Christmas holidays.

We appreciate the trust you have placed in us, and it is an honor to serve you. It is thanks to you that we provide an excellent quality service, and it is because of you that we will continue to do so.

Without more to say, we say goodbye wishing you a beautiful Christmas Eve.


Good Life Insurance

Example No 6:  Christmas Letter Templates for Sponsor

Company Name

Av. Los Pinos No. 123

Telef. 365 7171/365 9199

Company Website

To our dear customers:

It is an honor to address you to offer you our warmest greetings. Today we celebrate with all of you the most important event of all, the birth of God.

First of all, we want to thank you for always choosing us as your trusted bank. Your preference fills us with pride and motivates us to be better.

Your choice for us is the best Christmas gift we receive every year, and we hope to continue receiving it, and that is why we will continue to strive to provide you with the best financial services and the best care.

We want to take this opportunity to ask you to enjoy this beautiful Christmas very much, and it is our greatest wish that you are very happy.

We say goodbye, wishing the best for their lives and that God is always with them.

They are the sincere wishes of

Company Name

Example No 7:  Corporate Christmas Letter Templates 

Company Name

Av. Los Picaflores 247

Telef. 389 9192/381 4393

Company Website

Dear customers:

Christmas has come, and with it, an era in which reigns love and good wishes. We want to be part of it by letting you know our best wishes, dear customers.

Colchones Comodidad Total is a company whose main task is to achieve the best products and in sufficient quantity to satisfy the market that chooses us every day and demands more and more of us, driving our growth and our desire to serve you better.

We appreciate your preference by offering our best products, and the best reward we receive is the smile of a satisfied and happy customer.

For these reasons, let us send you a big hug. We are beyond proud to serve you.

May God bless you very much

Happy Holidays,

Company Name


After sending these Short Christmas Letter Examples to your clients, you will achieve a better relationship with them, which will positively impact the growth of your company.


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