How to Use Tinsel on Christmas Tree

How to Use Tinsel on Christmas Tree: Christmas has many things that characterize it, but one of the most striking is the decoration. Whether at home, on the streets or in shops, everything is decorated in such a way that the Christmas spirit gets us drunk wherever we go.

Tinsel on Christmas Tree

There are many ornaments characteristic of Christmas decoration, but one of the best known is the tinsel. It is a strip with fringes of different colors that, in principle, is used to decorate the Christmas tree, but in the end, it is given many more uses. Today its use has been extended to many other parties, but it is still one of the ornaments with the greatest presence at Christmas parties.

Tinsel on Christmas Tree

The tinsel is a very characteristic Christmas decoration

How Do We Use the Foam Tinsel on Christmas Tree?

Tinsel is a good resource as long as you know how to use. First, as we have said, it is one of the ornaments that we can usually find in Christmas trees. To choose which one is suitable, we must take into account the color of the tree, that of the ornaments and that of any complement that we want to add. Normally, the colors of tinsel most used to decorate the Christmas tree are red, green, gold and silver. Even so, today we can find them of many colors, but that remains for the riskiest.

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A good decoration for the Christmas tree using tinsel would be one that uses enough of it so that it is not recharged. To do this, it will be enough to pass it through the branches so that it does not cover them but that creates a uniform background for the rest of the ornaments that we want to include. It is placed from the base of the upper element that we want to place until the last row of lower branches. There are also cases in which it reaches the base. In these, it is sought to camouflage the legs of the tree and is usually used or the same color of the tinsel that has been used for decoration or the color of the branches.

It is also common to use tinsel for places other than the tree. For example,  it is used to make a frame in mirrors, cabinets, photos or any item that is hung. Normally, it is placed on the top and can be dropped or hooked to the wall so that the ends are raised.

Another option of decoration with tinsel are the centerpieces. Regardless of the main element used to make the center, such as candles or figures,  you can place the tinsel around these to frame them. The color used is, again, red, green, gold or silver, but it must be related to the rest of the decoration so that it does not get too much.

When Do We Walk With the Foam?

Like any decorative element, when we use tinsel as part of Christmas ornaments, we cannot overdo it so that our decoration is as perfect as possible. It is necessary to be clear that it must be something aesthetic and that, in addition, it will be visible to many people. Therefore, we must be careful not to make our decoration too loaded or tacky.

First, as we have said before, it is important that the color of tinsel you choose is in relation to the tones you want to use for your decoration. It is not necessary that all ornaments be the same color, but the combination must be pleasing to the eye. You can innovate with colors if you don’t like to be traditional, but always being careful to follow a chromatic harmony that does not attract attention due to the poor choice of tones.

On the other hand, no matter how much tinsel is so characteristic of Christmas, you should not fall into abuse. It is good that you use it on the tree, on the table or on some wall, but it must be distributed. If you decorate the same space with tinsel everywhere, in the end, your decoration will have an ornate touch that will surely horrify anyone who sees it. The expressionless is more here you must be present to know where the limit of the use of tinsel is.

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