What Is the Real Meaning of the Christmas Tree

What Is the Real Meaning of the Christmas Tree:  We are about to start the month of December and Christmas comes with it.

What Is the Real Meaning of the Christmas Tree

Christmas is one of the most anticipated festivities for many people, since on that day they can meet with their families and spend an excellent time with their family. One of the things that is always present at Christmas is nothing less than the Christmas tree.

What Is the Real Meaning of the Christmas Tree

What Is the Real Meaning of the Christmas Tree

If you have ever asked yourself the question about what is the meaning? This time we will tell you.

The true meaning of the Christmas tree

In ancient times, the Germans were convinced that both the Earth and the Astros hung from a gigantic tree, the Divine Idrasil or Tree of the Universe, whose roots were in hell and its cup in the sky. They, to celebrate the winter solstice which occurs at this time in the Northern Hemisphere-, decorated an oak with torches and danced around it.

Around the year 740, Saint Boniface the evangelizer of Germany and England – tore down the oak that represented God Odin and replaced it with a pine tree, the symbol of God’s eternal love. This tree was adorned with apples (which for Christians represent temptations) and candles (symbolizing the light of the world and divine grace). Being a perennial species, the pine is the symbol of eternal life. In addition, its triangle shape represents the Holy Trinity.

In the Middle Ages, this custom spread throughout the old world and, after the conquest, came to America.

The first Christmas tree, decorated as we know it today, was seen in Germany in 1605 and was used to acclimate the holiday in a cold weather. As of that moment, its diffusion began: to Spain it arrived in 1870, to Finland in 1800, and in the Castle of Windsor -in England- it was seen for the first time in 1841, of the hand of Prince Alberto, the husband of the Queen Victoria.

What does each adornment mean?

Everything changed over the years and those apples and candles from the beginning, today became the traditional spheres and garlands with colored lights. This is what can not be missing in your tree.

1. The little balls

They represent the Gifts that God gives to men. The blue ones symbolize repentance; the red ones, the requests; the gilthead, albanzas; and the silver ones, thanks.

2. The star

It is usual to put it on the tip. This represents the faith that guides our life.

3. Cords and bows.

They symbolize the family union and the presence of our loved ones around all these gifts.

4. Angelitos

They are the messengers between us and the sky and they are in charge of protecting us, so they can not be missing from your tree.

5. Lights

It does not matter the color or if they turn on and off. They have a meaning, and it is to illuminate our path in faith.

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