50+ Best Christmas Decoration Ideas at Home of 2020

Best Christmas Decoration Ideas at Home: Christmas is approaching by leaps and bounds, and many people are beginning to look for Christmas decorations ideas and photos to start planning one of the most important dates of the year. To help you in your task, from Christmasmyspace.com we have selected the best photos of Christmas decoration that we have found on Pinterest, do you want to decorate your home with a perfect decoration for Christmas? These photos will enchant you.

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The Best Christmas Decoration Ideas at Home

The Best Christmas Decoration Ideas at Home

Christmas Decoration Ideas at Home

The countdown to Christmas has begun. Tuning into the spirit of the moment is possible without falling into clichés. There are ideas to define the festive Christmas atmosphere beyond the classic tree and the nativity scene in its traditional form when you want to surprise with different spaces dominated by red, gold, and green, the creativity commands when you want to surprise. 

1. Christmas Tree


The Christmas tree is one of the key pieces of Christmas Decoration Ideas at Home, however, it is not necessary to bet on a traditional tree, there are alternative Christmas trees that will help you decorate your house in a different way, such as betting for a tree made of wooden plates.

2. Christmas Table Decorations

With letters, you can create a corner as special as this one. Decorating with messages is in!

In Christmas decorations, one of the things that we should not neglect is the table. Choose candles, decorated bottles, pine cones, and other Christmas decorative arrangements that give this space the desired look.

2. Cut logs, branches, pinecones, reindeer, and candles.

Cut logs, branches, pinecones, reindeer, and candles are very Christmas items. The idea is to know how to combine them, finding them a little corner to create the perfect still life with all these objects.


It seems that there is no Christmas without a tree that presides over the living room. But there is life beyond your classic ball and garland ornaments. An option that breaks with the serial finishes of artificial trees is to incorporate a natural one, which also provides an extra benefit: its aroma.

3. Windowsills Decoration

The windowsills can be decorated, bet on white candles, and decorative White Christmas tree decoration, the result will be surprising!

4. Centerpiece 

A centerpiece prepared to decorate our dining room is essential. Christmas decorations, pinecones, stars, candles, Everything prepared to have a Christmas lunch or dinner.

5. Rustic House 

Is your house rustic? Adapt the Christmas decoration to the rustic style, looking for traditional details, typical of our childhood, and it will be great.

How beautiful your rustic house can be decorated for Christmas. Bet on trees and other ornaments that can give your home a perfect Christmas Decoration Ideas at Home

6. Simple decoration for Christmas

Christmas Decoration Ideas at Home

There are many ways of understanding Christmas Decoration Ideas at Home, and there are people who prefer a simpler decoration, such as the one in the photo, or more ornate decoration. Everything is a matter of taste.

7. Decoration with Stars


Stars are also a very Christmas item. Choose large decorative stars that you can hang on the wall, ceiling, or window, helping you create that magical look typical of houses decorated at Christmas.

8. Windowsill Decoration with pineapple 


You can use small elongated and thin vases to decorate the windowsill. Accompany them with pineapples that you can get on one of your walks in the forest.

9. Door Decoration With Hang some pineapples

Do not forget to decorate your house’s door by choosing a Christmas ornament that you like. One option? Hang some pineapples on bows and get a simple but beautiful arrangement that will welcome your visits.

10. Pineapple Candles


How about a table arrangement with pineapple candles? Although they are Christmas, you can take advantage of much of the fall and winter.

11. Traditionally Decorated Christmas Tree

Is there anything more Christmassy than a traditionally decorated Christmas tree? As children, we all dreamed of such a tree, tastefully and tactfully decorated, crowned with a star.

12. Letters to Decorate at Christmas

You can also use letters to decorate at Christmas, like this Noel, which refers to Santa Claus or Father Christmas (depending on the name you use to address him ;-)).

13. Corners Decoration for Christmas of the Home

Creating small Christmas Decoration Ideas at Home in some corners of the home is necessary to get a magical house. In this case, it is a craft with a piece of stone, Christmas trees made of patterned papers, glitter paper, and reindeer.

14. Stars Hanging on the Ceiling

The stars hanging on the ceiling are ideal for decorating a dining room, they are also elegant and sophisticated, without being overwhelming to the eyes.

15. Staircase Decoration Ideas

Another thing we must do when planning the Christmas Decoration Ideas at Home is to think about the staircase decoration for this Christmas. The best option is to place a garland that decorates the handrail.

16. Christmas Wreaths

Another example of a Christmas wreath, this one made with pine branches and pine cones.

Christmas wreaths are a classic in Christmas decorations. Elect one that manages to make a charming first impression on your guests.

17. Simple Decoration in the Fireplace

Get a nice Christmas picture by putting everything in its place: the simple decoration in the fireplace, the snowy tree with gifts at the bottom. It will really be beautiful.

18. Living Room Decoration for Christmas with Small Tree 

Don’t you want something too complex to decorate your home at Christmas? Bet only on a tree that decorates your living room and is the center of all eyes.

19. Outside Decoration for Christmas

Think outside when decorating your house for Christmas. If you are lucky enough to live in a house with a garden, you should also keep that area in mind when planning your Christmas decoration for home.

20. Decorate Home Based on Red 

The color red is also the protagonist in Christmas decorations. Bet on details of this color, if your house is already decorated with it, it will look great!

21. Decoration Ideas with Big Christmas Trees

Do you like big Christmas trees? Bet this year on one of those huge trees, taken from the movies. Children will love it, and older ones will enjoy it too.

22. Christmas Stockings

 In addition to the garlands, you can bet on placing Christmas stockings on the stair handrail. It will give a distinctive touch to your merry Christmas decoration for home.

23. Oriental Style Christmas Decorations

Here is an example of a house decorated in the oriental style with Christmas decorations. Just a tree with gifts, something simple that does not attract much attention.

24. Placing the Tree on Right Place

 When we decorate our home at Christmas, one of the most important things is to find the perfect place to place the tree. In this living room, they have placed it next to the windows.

25. Spiral Christmas tree Decorations

 A somewhat different Christmas tree, with metal circles that create a perfect spiral in which the Christmas details hang. Beautiful, minimalist, and simple.

26. Minimalist Decoration Ideas for Christmas

It is not necessary to spend great efforts decorating the Christmas tree. In Nordic decoration, it is typical only to place a few simple and minimalist details.

27. Fireplace Decoration Ideas for Christmas

The fireplace is one of those spaces that we have to take care of in terms of decoration. Use some natural garlands and get a really pretty look.

28. Decorate with Simple Christmas tree

A simple Christmas tree can be perfect for decorating your house this Christmas. As you can see, use Nordic Christmas decorations, with geometric shapes, not traditional.

29. Furniture Decoration Ideas for Christmas

A good idea to have your house prepared for the arrival of Christmas is to decorate each of the furniture.

30. Typical Christmas Decoration Ideas

Details of this style are very beautiful and suitable for those who enjoy celebrating the most typical Christmas.

31. Decorating the Table for Dinner

There are many people who enjoy decorating the table for dinner or Christmas lunch. Here is an example of the way in which they have decided to present all the dishes, without much paraphernalia.

32. Decorating the house with Christmas style using the color blue

Decorating your house with Christmas style using the color blue is possible. Find blue ornaments for the tree and combine pine green and blue, creating a harmony like the one in the photo.

33. Children’s Bedroom Decoration Ideas for Christmas

Decorating the children’s bedroom at Christmas will make them remember this year of year, one of their favorite times.

34. Decoration of the House Itself

Look at what a cheerful Christmas style they have achieved in this photo. The idea is to perfectly balance the typical Christmas decoration with the decoration of the house itself.

35. Christmas tree placed at the Entrance

An example of a Christmas tree placed at the entrance of the house to welcome guests. At your feet, a few gifts that convey the generosity that usually characterizes this time of year.

36.  Very little altered Decoration ideas

 An example of a habitual residence in which the decoration has been very little altered. Just the Christmas tree and the socks for the Christmas treats.

37. Christmas decorations in a large window

An example of Christmas decorations in a large window, with two wreaths and a garland. The result is simple but suitable to celebrate such a special time.

38. Vases With Christmas Balls

Vases with Christmas balls can be an excellent detail to decorate any of the spaces available this Christmas, add branches and glitter stars, and it will be beautiful!

39. Classic Christmas Decoration Ideas

Do you want to be inspired by a classic Christmas decoration ideas at home? Here’s a great example with the Christmas tree, socks, and Christmas decorations on the side cabinet shelf.

40. If You Do Not Have a Fireplace

If you do not have a fireplace, you can place the Christmas socks on the wall or hanging from some furniture in the living room, and it will be just as authentic.

41. Decorating a Front Door With Christmas Motifs

To finish, a simple example of decorating a front door with Christmas motifs: garlands and a stone reindeer that crosses the door. An original and wonderful idea.

42. Ornaments, for Wrapping

If you have more ornaments than you can hang on the tree, use them to add a sparkle to your gifts. Secure them with double-sided tape.

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So that things go well, and you can enjoy them calmly, and with enthusiasm, the best thing is that you start planning them as soon as possible. Perhaps it is not yet time to put the tree, but it is time to choose its decorations and other details with which to fill the house with magic.

Some you can make with your own hands, why not? Here we show you many DIY easy to do, and that will add personality and originality to your Christmas decoration. And there are even some that you can do with the little ones at home. Think about it! What is a better way there to keep them entertained on a rainy Sunday afternoon?

43. Personalize Cards

With the name of your guests. Shape the cards with an edge die and decorate with ribbons and papers with some glitter.

44. A Garland With Molds

Draw each mold’s outline on a piece of paper, cut them out, and glue each silhouette to the mold. Make a hole for string and hang it from the garland.

45. Window Crowns

Crowns are another of the star elements when decorating your home at Christmas. Make simple shapes with a wire: stars, hearts, circles, and cover them with flexible branches, such as willow or yours. Tie a ribbon to hang them.

46. Prepare an Advent Calendar

Use cardboard for the base and 24 paper bags, one for each day from December 1 to December 24. Decorate them with lace and paper and put surprises inside.

47. Ornament for the Chairs

Decorate the backs of the chairs with a Christmas detail, like this heart of pinecones and acorns. Put the name of each guest on a label.

Are you one of the people who are eager to put the tree, the tinsel, and the first Christmas decorations at home in the middle of autumn? Do you count the days until Halloween ends and dove into the box of Christmas decorations? If these are your cases, you are not sick, nor are you exaggerated. What’s more, according to a study, you may even be happier.

We tell you the psychology study results that categorically state that people who decorate the Christmas house well in advance are happier.

The Sooner You Decorate Your House for Christmas, the Happier You Will Be (Study)

It seems surprising, but a study affirms that it is so that that neighbor that you have crazy about being the first to place the Advent wreath on your house’s door may be happier. This is what a study published in The Journal of Environmental Psychology found. The conclusion of the psychologists who participated in this study is as follows:

The Christmas Spirit Reduces Anxiety, Stress, and Negativity

Best of all, according to the study, that happiness you feel as soon as you start to ‘dress’ your house for Christmas is not just yours, but you tend to share it with others. Let’s say it’s ‘contagious’ happiness. Why? Because the Christmas spirit tends to develop all these values:

1. Kindness

According to this study, people who allow themselves to be ‘invaded’ by the Christmas feeling tend to be more kind and cordial to everyone around them. Hasn’t it happened to you that it’s less difficult for you to be kinder to others in the middle of Christmas?

2. Ease of forgiveness

The Christmas spirit also makes us more forgiving, and we tend to forgive others’ mistakes more easily. Perhaps it is because suddenly, being in a good mood, we make less of the things that are not really there.

3. Solidarity

Yes, Christmas makes us more supportive. We tend to focus more on the needs of others. Too bad it only lasts as long as the holidays last.

4. The desire to see more of the family

From the moment we begin to decorate the Christmas house, we feel more desire to see the family since we tend to associate this holiday with meals and meetings with the family.

The study has actually surprised many, as many or more people tend to associate Christmas with feelings of nostalgia and even a certain sadness.  But in reality, the study shows that this happens to a few people. Most feel their positivity and happiness grow with the first Christmas decorations.

However, the study also reveals a contradictory fact that makes us think, According to the psychologists who participated in this research, listening to Christmas music throughout the day causes rejection of Christmas and a negative feeling. Now you know: decorate your house for Christmas as soon as you can, but wait a bit to start with every year’s Christmas hits. It is the magic recipe for Christmas to enjoy it and be something happier.

6 Tips to Decorate the House at Christmas With Children

Each family has its own personal way to decorate the house at Christmas. Some give more importance to the Christmas tree, others to distribute different decorations on the house’s furniture and windows. There is no single model to follow, but if you want some ideas to decorate and fill your home with light, follow these ideas:

1. Christmas drawings everywhere

Invite your children to a Christmas drawing session. With what comes out, decorate the doors, windows, with the children’s drawings. Children will love participating in the Christmas decorations.

2. Ornaments made of paper

Any paper with Christmas prints can be used to make this type of decoration. With gift wrap or napkins, you can make stars, snowflakes, little trees, using the origami or origami technique.

3. Portal of Bethlehem of different materials

There is nothing more traditional and has the spirit of Christmas than a portal of Bethlehem. You can make a plasticine nativity scene with the children, as well as paper, and then put it on top of a piece of furniture.

5. Ornaments made of different materials

Christmas is also a time to share moments with family and friends. We suggest you set up a Christmas crafts workshop with your children. You can use different recycled materials to make stars, Christmas balls, and other decorations.

6. Custom wreaths and garlands

You can fill the house’s door or its interior with colors with this type of Christmas decoration. You can use different materials to make them with the children. We give you ideas.

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7 Tips to Decorate the Christmas Tree and Not Die Trying

I don’t know if you are to decorate Christmas or not. We are divided. Some love this date when the house is filled with light and color, family meals, time with friends, and others are simply looking forward to it before it starts, But as we are optimistic and we think that If we remove the decorations from Christmas, we remove the magic, we have prepared a post with a lot of Christmas love and here are 7 tips to decorate the Christmas tree and not die trying:

1. Choose your Christmas tree well

The shape of the tree will condition the decoration of your Christmas tree, measurements such as height greatly influence when decorating the Christmas tree, the separation between the branches, the open tree’s width, if it has a foot, If you don’t have, Before we start decorating our Christmas tree, we must consider all these characteristics and once we have bought our tree or have taken it out of the closet, we can start to think about decoration for it.

2. Decoration according to your style

Another fundamental factor that we must take into account are the colors that we are going to use, what types of ornaments go well with the decoration style of our house, what is the decoration we want for the tree: original, classic, simple, Nordic, industrial, vintage, with dolls, with balls,

We must make all these decisions before we start putting balls and ornaments like crazy because then chaos comes and we are left with a tree as if we had thrown the decorations on top and left them as is.

Once we have the decorating style decided, friends, now it is time for THE DECORATIONS.

3. Ornaments

We have already reached the point that we all like the most. The decorations. Christmas decorations are something that we love, that fascinates us. Just thinking that we can fill the house with shiny things and dolls already gets on our nerves and it is that at Christmas almost everything is allowed.

In a matter of the Christmas tree, we will have already chosen the style, and now is the time to focus on the decorations. The ornaments can range from the typical Christmas balls to any element that comes to mind and that is original, through bows, candles, snow, dolls, sweets, any decorative element that we like and that has Christmas sense.

4. Sizes

The next step is to talk about sizes. And dear friends, whatever they say, in this case, size does matter. And it is that the size of the ornaments must be related to the size of the tree. If our tree is of a small measure, 120 or 150cm, we will choose medium-sized balls, so that it does not look unbalanced, otherwise, if we have enough space and we have decided to put a large Christmas tree, the balls and ornaments should be larger.

The idea is to fill the Christmas tree but without it being overloaded. That is why the size of the ornaments plays a big role. A small Christmas tree with large decorations will be very rare, just as a large Christmas tree with small decorations will be very rare. The size of friends is the key to success.

5. Lights, yes or no?

We are ALWAYS of lights. The lights give light and depth to a Christmas tree, so for us, lights are essential. If you don’t have a plug nearby or you just don’t want to put them in, nothing happens. There are really cool decorations without lights, but we are very romantic and we love them.

Of course, you must take into account the color of the lights. If our decoration is simple, we can put colored lights that blink and change to different colors, but if our decoration is somewhat overloaded, we must choose white lights, without color jumps, that illuminate but do not recharge the tree even more.

6 Tinsel?

This is the million-dollar question, do we put tinsel or not? This is a very personal question and it all depends of course on the decoration we have chosen. Just as we are absolute supporters of lights, the tinsel seems to us a somewhat old-fashioned ornament, but it does not mean that we continue to use it. The first thing we have to think about is whether our tree’s decoration allows tinsel and then about the thickness and color. It has to be a color that goes with the decoration of the ornaments obviously, and size depends on the tree’s size, like the ornaments.

We will use the finer tinsel for the small and medium-sized tree since the tinsel’s function is to fill in the gaps in the separation of the branches.

7. Place ornaments

Now we explain how to decorate the tree. Once we have everything chosen, the decorations, the lights, the tree, the corner where to put it, It is time to assemble it.

For this, we will start with the lights. If our tree is small in size, we can place them vertically. Otherwise, if our tree is large, we can place them horizontally. The idea is to give depth and light to our tree.

The ornaments begin to be placed from top to bottom, always following a pattern that makes a symmetrical figure, so that the tree is balanced.

Our advice is to separate the balls by color and remember that you never mix more than three colors of decorations since it can be too loaded.

Once we have the lights and decorations, the final touch is left. We can include certain special ornaments, family memories, ornaments made by our children at school or any special element for us or for the family and as a final culmination, the star.

We can place a large star on the top of the tree or replace it with a bow or any original element.

9 Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating Your Home for Christmas

When you decorate at any time of the year, you should always have a measure, this is not to overdo yourself or stop decorating, the extremes are always dangerous but more at Christmas. At this time, ornaments sometimes attract us so much that we simply buy more than what we should put in our house, and then there is no way to function inside it, which has been filled with details and ornaments, ceasing to be an effective decoration to become in torment.

1. Never put the tree without a protective floor base

A natural tree is a beauty, not only for its appearance but also for the fragrance it brings to your home environment. You have to think about protecting the floor of the house that is why we advise you to place a plastic or carpet that protects it from scratches, humidity, and any other setback that could damage it. Do this before you start decorating it, creating a base on the floor so that it is protected once and for all.

2. Not so little nor too much

The excess decoration on the Christmas tree is unpleasant, it ends up losing even the shape of the tree in so many ornaments that are placed on it, take care of those extremes, which do not end up being pleasant in the end.

3. Decorate Christmas leaving the previous decorative objects

With the Christmas decorations the house can be filled with too many decorative objects, so it is advisable to save some furniture and objects that are not from this time and leave spaces for Christmas.

Generate spaces for the ornaments, the tree, nativity scene, crowns, spheres and all that you have and while you use them, keep them in a warehouse in the basement, attic, or place them in some part of the house where you have space, those that you use daily.

4. How many bulbs and lights to place?

Do not exaggerate by placing too many lights on the Christmas tree, in addition to increasing the electricity bill, understand that this type of decoration is fine for the streets and shopping centers, but for the house use them with greater discretion, so that it is not counterproductive. Avoid short circuit accidents with excess makeshift installations.

5. When to buy Christmas decorations?

For whatever reasons, do not leave the purchase of Christmas decorations for the house’s rooms to the last minute. It is possible that if you get them they will be the least attractive, the tree will not be one of the best and the prices will be through the roof.

Start looking for them from the end of November when they begin to be placed in stores and thus you will have time to visit the places where they are sold, at least three weekends to decide what to buy and what you need before Christmas arrives.

6. Decorate without thinking about the sensations

The decorations on holidays such as Halloween and Christmas should be made trying to convey that date’s emotion. Whether recollection, joy, mysticism, fear, harmony, if it does not convey any feeling, the decoration you make can go unnoticed.

7. Functionality must be present in the placement of the ornaments

You cannot remove the functionality of spaces by filling them with Christmas decorations. This will be to take away from that space, for example, in the house’s living room, an effective way to fulfill its mission. In these cases, instead of enjoying the decorations, they hinder the people’s daily lives in the house. For example, if more ornaments are placed, you cannot see the landscape outside.

8. Forget the style of the house Christmas Lifestyle

It is very common that when buying Christmas decorations you forget about the decoration that you already have with a defined style of the house, thinking only about the beautiful decorations that you can get in stores. This is common but the character that has been built with the style of the decoration of the house cannot be ignored and when new ornaments are bought, you should think about combining them with what you have at home.

9. The color palette to study

The colors of Christmas are red, green, and gold, colors that are very difficult to combine sometimes with the ones you already have at home. In that case, buy a detail that combines with those tones and let them expose their color within the decoration so that there is a point of union between the tones and it will generate agreement by making between them.

And after receiving the new year, return to the routine of always, that’s when you need to know how to clean the house more quickly, following some information from that we made for you

People May Ask These Questions

➤ How can I decorate my house for Christmas?

Crowns, bows, and spheres are the infallible ones to decorate your home at Christmas. The key is to use all these accessories in red so that they contrast with the furniture in your home.

➤ How can I decorate my house for cheap for Christmas?

  1. Candlestick with spheres and ribbon: Whether you match your chandelier with spheres and a bit of ribbon or fashion it from scratch, this ornament will add a unique tone to the area where you have your chandelier.
  2. Make a star to receive your visitors: You only need some cardboard in the shape of a star, the size of your ornament you want, and some jute thread. Start to shape it and, in the end, put a little glue to seal your decoration.
  3. Crown of spheres: They look lovely, and you can use your old spheres. See how it’s done here.
  4. Use branches!; The branches that have fallen from the trees in the parks can be an elegant Christmas decoration for you. Just dip them in glue and glitter, and they’ll be perfect.
  5. Create some candles: A few pineapples, some diamonds, and spare candles are all you need.
  6.  This rug will look great at the entrance of your house: You don’t need a new one, just a few sprays of the color that you like the most and some templates for your design.
  7. Crown of stamens: If you didn’t like sphere crowns, we have another one that is even more practical. Make it with stamens!
  8. Make a curtain of snow: Some nylon threads, a needle, chocolates, or cotton balls will be more than enough. They will look perfect on your window.
  9. 9. Snowflakes with straws: This couldn’t have been easier. Just a few straws joined together in the shape of snowflakes, and they will stand out amazingly in any area of ​​your home.
  10. Hang a series of lights from the ceiling
  11. Sticks in your fridge or stove
  12. Your door as a great gift!
  13. Decorate your pots in this way
  14. Make reindeer with corks, and they will look beautiful
  15. Reuse those old logs and transform them!
  16. Reuse wine bottles: Paint them white and spritz on snow spray, and you’re done. Place some branches with diamonds, and they will look spectacular.
  17. Use the old spheres as vases
  18. Or jars painted white
  19. Make your own snow globes!
  20. Make spheres with spotlights

➤ When do you start decorating the house for Christmas?

8 of December: taking advantage of is the day of the Virgin, and in many parts of the world, it entails to have holidays and end of long weeks. Put the ornaments Christmas 8 of December is a recurring strategy of the Spaniards.

➤  How to decorate the white Christmas tree?

Combining gold, silver, or rose gold ornaments is very elegant. In addition, you can combine them, too, with small wooden ornaments. The cable’s color must be the same as that of the tree itself to blend in with the branches and only show the lights.

➤ What colors are trending for Christmas 2020?

What are the color trends for Christmas 2020, and what decorating ideas are in fashion this year? There is no doubt that Christmas is characterized by having a series of colors and tones considered traditional for these holidays.

Why Putting Christmas Decorations Ahead of Time Will Make You Happier

Everyone is happy to see the Christmas tree and decorations that make you get into that Christmas spirit that you leave forgotten for 11 months. For this reason, it is normal that in November you start to get bitten by the bug and the desire to decorate your home.

If you are one of those people who make fun of others for decorating ahead of time, you are not taking into account that they have something that you do not have right now, according to the experts, and that is happiness. According to them, ornaments make people happier.

Psychoanalyst Steve McKeown, the founder of MindFixers, told Unilad that there is a psychological reason why people decorate their homes before “Santa Claus comes to town”, and that is that for some people this increases the emotion produced by the Christmas.

“There can be many symptomatic reasons why someone may become obsessed with decorating the house ahead of time, the most common of which are nostalgic, to revive the magic or to make up for having looked down on them in the past.”

In a world full of stress and anxiety, people like to take advantage of moments of happiness, and Christmas decorations evoke strong feelings related to childhood, for example. The decorations would then be an anchor to a magical past, to emotion. Nostalgia is a very powerful reason to decorate your home in November, as if you could reconnect with your happy days, with your past.

Additionally, nostalgia helps people connect with themselves and better understand their identity. It can be a very bittersweet feeling. Perhaps Christmas helps us to remember a relative who is no longer there. Or maybe looking at the Christmas tree reminds us of the time when we still believed in the Three Kings.

What is quite curious is that Christmas music has the opposite effect if you are exposed to it for a long time. For example, store workers who have to listen to them non-stop.

But stay with the detail of the ornaments, and start taking out the boxes to dye your home green and red.


You can take advantage of containers and objects that you already have at home, such as cookie molds, candles, papers, trays, and glass containers, Surely you have many things that can serve you, and with them, you can create a much more personal decoration.

Dressing every corner of your house is not difficult, nor does it have to cost you a lot of money. You just need a little time and a lot of inspiration. With these ideas to decorate your home at Christmas, this year, you will surely be right.